18 September – 30 October 2013


Continental IO520 Reciprocating engine cylinder section piston ring missing. SDR 510017761
Compression rings found missing on three cylinders following low engine compression test Engine had been factory remanufactured. Cylinders 1, 3, and 5 replaced. P/No: 658175A1. TSN: 303 hours

SDR 510017741Lycoming IO540K1A5 Engine exhaust muffler cracked. SDR 510017741 (photo above)
During 100-hourly inspection, the R/H muffler assembly was found to be u/s. Muffler slip joint flange cracked and tailpipe outlet severely cracked. P/No: GA8781011124. TSN: 1896 hours

Lycoming LTIO540J2BD Engine collector/tailpipe/nozzle exhaust pipe bulged. SDR 510017758
Exhaust pipe found bulging when inspected iaw AD 2013-10-04. P/No: LW10160. TSO: 1429 hours

SDR 510017801Lycoming O360A1H6 Reciprocating engine cylinder section manufacturing fault. SDR 510017801 (photo above)
Pre-installation inspection found manufacturing flaw in cylinder casing near spark plug port. P/No: SL36006WA20P.

Lycoming O540B2B5 Magneto/distributor loose. SDR 510017679
Gear bearing in distributor block found loose following “an uncommanded engine stop on take-off. Installation of a new distributor block and gear corrected the fault. P/No: 10357426. TSN: 1085 hours/84 months TSO: 40 hours/3 months