Employing aspiring Part 66 LAMEs

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The Part 66 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR) 1998 approach to basic licensing of aircraft maintenance engineers (LAMEs) is to utilise the competency-based training provided by registered training organisations (RTOs) around Australia under the MEA11 Aeroskills Training Package. If the RTO is to report the qualification to CASA for Part 66 purposes they must hold a Part 147 of CASR 1998 approval. The aeroskills training package provides a nationally recognised qualification (NRQ) under the Australian quality framework standards. Qualifications are issued to successful graduates depending on their enrolled ‘certificate’ level.

Not all the qualifications provided by the aeroskills training package can provide a CASA Part 66 licence outcome. The aeroskills training package includes 21 qualifications, as per the diagram opposite.

The only competencies and associated qualifications that a Part 147 MTO can currently report to CASA, for the purposes of category A, B1 and B2 licensing, are those listed as using the units of competency required for a category or subcategory of licence; as specified in Appendix IV of the Part 66 MOS.

Within the MEA 11 aeroskills training package those competencies are delivered by the following courses/qualifications:

  • MEA20511 Certificate II in Aircraft Line Maintenance [category A]
  • MEA50211 Diploma of Aeroskills (Mechanical) [category B1]
  • MEA50111 Diploma of Aeroskills (Avionics) [category B2]

If a student has gained other competencies from other qualifications (e.g. from the Certificate IV in Aeroskills (Mechatronics) the Part 147 MTO must confirm that the CASA 75 per cent pass mark for knowledge, the elements and performance criteria, required skills and knowledge, and the range statement of the relevant Appendix IV of the Part 66 MOS units of competency, have been achieved. Once RPL to that standard has been confirmed, the Part 147 maintenance training organisation can report to CASA that the relevant competencies have been gained for the purpose of licensing, or exclusion removal.

If you are employing personnel who are or will be trained under the aeroskills training package and you expect that they will be licensed under Part 66 at the end of their training, you need to confirm that they are enrolled in (or can articulate to) MEA20511, MEA50211 or MEA50111.

Aeroskills qualifications chart


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