1 November 2013 – 16 January 2014


Continental GTSIO520H Reciprocating engine rear starter adapter unserviceable. SDR 510018061
RH engine starter adapter worn beyond limits. Found during inspection iaw AD/Con/84 Amdt3. P/No: 642087A69EQ6642. TSN: 1179 hours TSO: 1179 hours

Continental IO550N Reciprocating engine cylinders cracked. SDR 510018082
No. 2 and No. 4 cylinders cracked between spark plug bore and injector port. Three other cylinders also cracked. P/No: 655932A3. TSN: 500 hours

Jabiru 2200B Reciprocating engine cylinder incorrect part. SDR 510018033  

Lycoming IO540K1A5 Engine fuel pump low pressure. SDR 510017943
Engine-driven fuel pump unserviceable. Fuel pressure/fuel flow gauge reading 14 psi at 820 RPM P/No: RG17980DM. TSN: 672 hours TSO: 672 hours

SDR 510017981Lycoming IO540K1A5 Reciprocating engine cylinder section piston rings broken. SDR 510017981 (photo above)
No. 4 cylinder piston rings broken. Oil contamination of No. 4 and No. 2 cylinders. P/No: 05K22035. TSN: 1672 hours

SDR 510018346Lycoming IO540K1A5 Reciprocating engine cylinder piston ring broken. SDR 510018346 (photo above)
No. 4 cylinder oil control piston ring broken. No. 4 and No. 6 cylinder bores also glazed. P/No: 05K2203. TSN: 1902 hours

SDR 510018036Lycoming O320E2A Reciprocating engine cylinder damaged. SDR 510018036 (photo above)
Engine piston and cylinder damaged. P/No: LW12416. TSN: 1917 hours TSO: 12 hours

SDR 510018015Lycoming O360A1A Magneto FOD. SDR 510018015 (photo above)
Wedge used to secure magneto coil loose inside case. P/No: 4370. TSN: 8 hours