1 November 2013 – 16 January 2014


Hartzell HCD4N2A Propeller blade counterweights cracked. SDR 510018077
Propeller counterweights cracked at attachment holes (2off4). Other two counterweights had crack-like indications. P/No: C4722. TSN: 6224 hours TSO: 1476 hours

McCauley B3D32C412 Propeller assembly corroded. SDR 510018245
Propeller blades seized in hub due to corrosion. P/No: C412G82NDA5.

SDR 510017899Muhl MTV12BCF Propeller hub loose. SDR 510017899 (photo above)
Damaged propeller spinner. Two feathering stop nuts found in spinner with broken lock wire. P/No: MTV12BCF. TSN: 1549 hours/36 months