17 January – 25 March 2014


GE GE90115B Turbine engine compressor fan blade unserviceable. SDR 510018669
No.1 engine Nos.12 and 17 fan blades delaminated and layups split. P/No: 2012M92G03. TSN: 22092 hours/1183 cycles

Lycoming T5313B Turbine engine compressor blade failed. SDR 510018739
Engine first stage compressor blade failed approx. 2.03mm (0.08in) above blade platform. P/No: 110036106

PWA PW123E Turboprop engine wiring harness worn and damaged. SDR 510018654
No.2 engine oil pressure dropped below 20psi causing engine to be shut down. Investigation found harness in RH nacelle chafed, causing failure of oil pressure gauge.

Turbomeca Arrius2F Turbine engine flamed out. SDR 510018436
Engine flamed out when throttle rolled back to idle for practice engine failure and autorotation. Investigation continuing.