25 March – 15 May 2014


Hamilton Standard 14SF7 Propeller blade bearing failed. SDR 510018830
LH propeller blade bearing inner race failed. Metal contamination of propeller.

McCauley 4HFR34C663 Propeller feathering valve dislodged. SDR 510019004
LH engine propeller feathering valve dislodged. P/No: 31028922.

McCauley 4HFR34C663 Propeller feathering valve faulty. SDR 510019041
Propeller feathering valve partially dislodged from engine. Valve serviceable after being reinstalled with new O rings. Inspection also found nil contamination of oil system. P/No: 31028922. TSN:15846 hours/19052 cycles  TSO: 2830 hours/2465 cycles.


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