1 August – 22 September 2014


Airbus A330-243 Hydraulic system main—check valve incorrect torque. SDR 510019816
Hydraulic system HP manifold check valve torque markings not aligned. Found during inspection iaw service bulletin. P/No: CAR401.

Airbus A330-243 Hydraulic system main—check valve rotated. SDR 510019626
Green blue and yellow hydraulic system pressure manifold check valves showed evidence of rotation with check marks misaligned. Lockwire was still intact. Found during inspection iaw EASA AD 2012-0244-part 2. P/No: CAR401.

Airbus A330-303 Passenger/crew doors—slider failed. SDR 510019836
No2 RH forward door girt bar slider mechanism faulty. Found during inspection iaw AD 2010-0135. P/No: F5218213600000.

Air Tractor AT802A Landing gear brake system—bolt failed. SDR 510019780
Bolt located between rudder pedal and brake master cylinder failed causing aircraft to veer off runway. P/No: AN4. TSN: 4829 hours.

BAC 146100A Fuselage frame—fuselage frame cracked and corroded. SDR 510019666
Fuselage frame 18 RH located just below floor cracked and corroded. Found during inspection iaw BAE ISB53-182 and EASA AD-2008-0092R1. P/No: 18RH.

BAC 146RJ100 Fuselage frame—fuselage frame cracked and corroded. SDR 510019669
Fuselage frame 18 RH located just below floor cracked and corroded. Found during inspection iaw BAE ISB53-182 and EASA AD-2008-0092R1. P/No: 18RH.

Beech 1900D Ailerons—clip cracked. SDR 510019620
LH aileron balance weight clip cracked at rib station 42.523. P/No: 101130001191.

Beech 300 Brake—brake high temperature. SDR 510019717
Brakes overheated and lost hydraulic fluid due to heat damage to the brake seals. Investigation continuing.

Boeing 737-376 Horizontal stabilizer structure—fitting cracked. SDR 510019799
Horizontal stabiliser thrust beam lower LH corner fitting cracked. Crack length approximately 69.85 mm (2.75 in). Found during inspection iaw 737-EI-737-055-0035 and Boeing SB 737-55-1091.

510019758-3_adj 510019758-2_adjBoeing 737-7FE Brake—heat shield migrated. SDR 510019758 (photos above)
LH main landing gear outboard wheel heat shield migrating. Investigation found retaining bolt PNo NAS1351316P and nut PNo NAS679A3 missing. Heat shield had contacted brake housing causing a groove. Investigation continuing.

Boeing 737-838 Escape slide—slideraft ruptured. SDR 510019855
Slideraft ruptured during overpressure test. Pressure at time of failure was 4.8 psi. Test carried out iaw Goodrich Maintenance Manual 25-60-37. P/No: 5A33077. TSN: 4015 hours. TSO: 4015 hours.

Boeing 737-838 Fuel indicating system—connector failed test. SDR 510019702
Fuel quantity indicating system connectors D39915 and D39916 failed resistance check. Found during inspection iaw FAA AD 2008-10-10.

Boeing 737-838 Wheel—bolt sheared. SDR 510019783
No 3 main wheel tie bolt sheared. Nut missing. P/No: 277A600204.

Boeing 737-8FE Autopilot trim servo—trim motor faulty. SDR 510019870
Autopilot system stabiliser trim motor faulty. P/No: 6355C000101. TSN: 8059 hours/3012 cycles.

Boeing 737-8FE Brake—brake lining separated. SDR 510019680
No2 brake assembly torque tube backing plate linings separated. P/No: 357625. TSN: 7734 hours/4698 cycles.

Boeing 737-8FE Drag control actuator—actuator worn and leaking. SDR 510019761
No5 spoiler actuator internal leakage causing shudder during operation. Investigation also found eye end excessively worn. Investigation continuing. P/No: 251A12704. TSN: 37944 hours/21801 cycles.

Boeing 737-8FE Elevator plates/skin—access panel missing. SDR 510019589
RH elevator leading edge outboard Access panel 344FB missing. Nil evidence of damage. P/No: 185A162178.

Boeing 737-8FE Flight compartment windows—window cracked. SDR 510019748
First Officer’s No2 sliding window cracked due to overheating. P/No: 141A481039. TSN: 7713 hours/4827 cycles.

Boeing 737-8FE Fuel wiring—wire separated. SDR 510019786
RH centre fuel tank boost pump inoperative. Investigation found poorly crimped wire on connector D5350P pin 11 wire W1126-3601R-18. When connector was undone, the wire fell out of the pin. Aircraft had just been received from manufacturer.

Boeing 737-8FE Hydraulic system main—fitting cracked and leaking. SDR 510019592
B hydraulic system return filter inlet ‘T’ fitting cracked and leaking in threaded area. P/No: BACT16AZ121012W.

Boeing 737-8FE Windshield rain/ice removal—window overheated. SDR 510019687
RH No1 cockpit window overheat warning. Circuit breaker C394 open. Circuit breaker reset with nil defects evident.

Boeing 737-8FE Windshield rain/ice removal—windshield faulty. SDR 510019754
LH front windshield heating system unserviceable. P/No: 141A48001. TSN: 7930 hours/4939 cycles.

Boeing 737-BBJ Potable water system—hose worn. SDR 510019792
Heated water hose located between B14 VIP vanity and water heater in B19 cabinet chafing on heating element causing hose metal end fitting to become electrically live. P/No: 7BJM3803013.

Boeing 747-438 Trailing edge flap control system—RVDT suspect faulty. SDR 510019721
Flap configuration message. Suspect faulty Rotable Variable Differential Transducer (RVDT). Investigation continuing. P/No: 900040813.

Boeing 747 Standard practices/structures—structure CPCP. SDR 510019843
Aircraft structure inspected for Corrosion Prevention and Control Program (CPCP). Inspection carried out for Boeing 747 fleet iaw AD/B747/85.

Boeing 757-236 Door warning system—plug suspect faulty. SDR 510019813
Main cargo door not closed indications. Investigation could find no faults on the ground. Door indication system plugs cleaned and system has operated OK since.

510019618-1_adjBoeing 777-3ZGER Pneumatic distribution system—clamp broken. SDR 510019618 (photo above)
LH engine pre-cooler inlet clamp broken with clamp still in place. Suspect caused by over torqueing during installation. P/No: NH100837750. TSN: 23437 hours/1961 cycles.

Boeing 787-8 Portable oxygen system—oxygen bottle faulty. SDR 510019848
Portable oxygen bottle inspected following use and was found to have plunger ball protruding. Investigation found six other bottles on different aircraft with the same problem. Investigation continuing. P/No: 4491024000.

Bombardier DHC8-314 Passenger compartment lighting— light incorrect wired. SDR 510019706
Smoke coming from forward coat locker (wardrobe). Investigation found two black burnt spots in the locker interior roof lining. Further investigation found the wardrobe light incorrectly wired with polarity reversed.

Bombardier DHC8-402 Fuselage bulkhead—channel corroded. SDR 510019585
Bulkhead channel located in area of galley floor corroded. Bolt and fitting attaching the channel rusted.

510019619-1_adjCASA C212200 Wing spar—bracket cracked. SDR 510019619 (photo above)
Lower forward main spar cap angle bracket cracked. Found during X-ray inspection iaw SIP 57-10-11. P/No: Unknown.

Embraer ERJ-190-100 APU engine fuel and control—FMU failed. SDR 510019812
APU fuel filter clogged with small pieces of ‘O’ ring seal and other debris. Fuel Management Unit (FMU) connector P3219 dirty. FMU removed and investigation found the drive shaft broken/damaged/cracked which is suspected to be the cause of the filter contamination. The FMU fuel module pressure sensor was found to be out of limits, which was the root cause of the FMU failure. P/No: 4505008.

Embraer ERJ-190-100 Fuselage miscellaneous structure—seal rest corroded. SDR 510019671
Aft cargo door seal rests contained level 2 corrosion.

510019695_adjFokker F28 MK0100 Brake—housing cracked. SDR 510019695 (photo above)
Brake housing cracked in area of piston rib. Crack length approximately 9.5 mm (0.375 in) in both directions. Found using eddy current inspection. P/No: 50099043.

Fokker F28 MK0100 Emergency exits—handle cracked. SDR 510019811
RH aft overwing emergency exit upper operating handle cracked. Suspect caused by excessive force used during installation. See also SDR 510019128 for similar defect. P/No: D32957401.

Fokker F28 MK0100 Landing gear doors— strap corroded. SDR 510019701
LH main landing gear door hinge doubler strap corroded. Areas of corrosion 40mm by 20mm (1.57 in by 0.78 in) and 35mm by 20mm (1.37 in by 0.78 in) with a maximum depth of1.14mm (0.045 in).

Fokker F28 MK0100 Wheel—wheel cracked. SDR 510019850
Main wheel outboard half cracked from tie bolt hole. Crack length approximately 10 mm (0.39 in). Found during eddy current inspection. P/No: 5010888.

Saab SF340B Control column section—stick pusher out of limits. SDR 510019805
Stick pusher system out of limits as indicated in SB340-27-115 and EASA AD 2013-0253.