1 August – 22 September 2014


Agusta Bell A109E Main rotor blades—main rotor blade worn and damaged. SDR 510019842
Main rotor blade damaged on lower side due to FOD. P/No: 709010301105. TSN: 2308 hours/5585 cycles.

Agusta Westland AW139 Autopilot computer—computer unserviceable. SDR 510019803
Autopilot computer unserviceable. Investigation continuing.

Bell 429 Passenger/crew doors—rod failed. SDR 510019708
RH cockpit door emergency jettison system rod snapped during testing of door jettison system. P/No: 429651154. TSN: 703 hours.

Eurocopter AS350B2 Tail rotor control system—cable incorrect part. SDR 510019868
Tail rotor control cable suspect incorrect part. Cable outer sheath outer diameter of 11.92mm prevents cable fitting through attachment fitting ball joint. Supplied jam nut was found to be a commercial item and not correct manufacturer item. P/No: 704A34130184.

Eurocopter BK117C2 Main rotor mast/swashplate—boot separated. SDR 510019625
Swashplate boot separated in flight. EASA AD 2014-0180 and ASBMBB-BK117-40A-115 had been carried out approximately 53 hours previous.

Eurocopter EC120B Tail rotor drive shaft—drive coupling cracked. SDR 510019646
Tail rotor driveshaft coupling cracked. P/No: C651A2001101. TSN: 1936 hours.

Eurocopter EC225LP Liferaft—cover separated. SDR 510019655
LH life raft release latch plastic cover separated. P/No: 332A41435101. TSN: 545 hours.

Eurocopter EC225LP Main rotor head—bearing worn. SDR 510019731
Lateral vibration during take-off. Investigation found main rotor damper bearing worn excessively. P/No: 1112255P. TSN: 339 hours.

Robinson R22BETA Engine starter—starter motor unserviceable. SDR 510019878
Engine starter motor fails to engage ring gear. Suspect faulty solenoid. P/No: BC3151002. TSN: 458 hours.

Robinson R22BETA Main rotor blades—main rotor blade delaminated. SDR 510019800
Main rotor blade lower skin delaminated at tip. P/No: A0164. TSN: 1874 hours.

Robinson R22BETA Rotorcraft cooling fan system—backplate cracked. SDR 510019631
Fanwheel backing plate cracked from bolt hole to the edge of the plate. P/No: B1741. TSN: 795 hours.

Robinson R22BETA Tail rotor control system—bearing worn. SDR 510019801
Tail rotor pitch control bearing worn and loose in housing. P/No: A1044. TSN: 1874 hours.

Robinson R44 Aircraft fuel distribution system—O ring deteriorated. SDR 510019579
Fuel system pressure relief valve ‘O’ ring deteriorated causing valve to jam in the open position leading to fuel being pumped back into the auxiliary fuel tank. P/No: D3211. TSN: 1602 hours.

Robinson R44 Engine collector/tailpipe/nozzle—collector cracked. SDR 510019616
LH exhaust collector cracked and holed. P/No: C1695. TSN: 1226 hours.

Robinson R44 Engine starter—starter motor sluggish. SDR 510019613
Engine starter motor sluggish in operation. Suspect faulty solenoid./P/No: BC3151002R. TSO: 384 hours.