1 August – 22 September 2014


Allison 501D13 Engine collector/tailpipe/nozzle—exhaust pipe cracked and leaking. SDR 510019576
LH engine fire warning and engine shut down. Investigation found forward exhaust flange cracked. P/No: 9063237.

Garrett TPE33112UH Fuel control/turbine engines—temperature limiter out of adjust. SDR 510019658
LH engine torque fluctuating with corresponding EGT fluctuations. Temperature limiter controller out of adjustment.

GE CF3410E Turbine engine accessory drive—carbon seal leaking. SDR 510019840
No 2 engine leaking oil. Investigation found starter drive pad and hydraulic pump drive carbon seals and ‘O’ ring seals leaking. PNo 2231M62P01, PNo 1963M80P21, PNo 2231M61P01 and PNo J1438P042. P/No: 2231M62PO1.

GE CF3410E Turbine engine air inlet section—frame corroded. SDR 510019827
No 1 engine fan frame extension ‘V’ groove contained level 2 corrosion under Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) (Teflon) impregnated hard coating causing coating to peel from both sides of groove.

GE CF680C2 Thrust reverser—switch failed test. SDR 510019790
RH engine thrust reverser Centre Drive Unit (CDU) switch failed continuity check. Check carried out iaw AD/B767/183 and Boeing SB 767-78A0090. P/No: 32828124.

GE CFM567B Engine fuel pump—pump leaking. SDR 510019724
No 2 engine driven fuel pump leaking from test/adjustment port. P/No: 8283005. TSN: 11351 hours/7045 cycles.

GE CFM567B Turbine engine oil system—bypass switch intermittent. SDR 510019847
No 2 engine oil filter bypass switch intermittent in operation. P/No: QA07656. TSN: 27388 hours/15935 cycles.

GE CT75A2 Turbine engine turbine section—seal failed. SDR 510019713
No 2 engine tailpipe wet with oil. Suspect caused by failure of C sump cover seal. Investigation continuing.

GE CT79B Engine (turbine/turboprop) —turbine engine over temperature. SDR 510019712
LH engine overtemp to approximately 1040 to 1080 degrees accompanied by a loud bang. Engine shutdown when power reduced. Investigation continuing. P/No: CT79B.

PWA JT15D5 Fuel control/turbine engines—FCU suspect faulty. SDR 510019773
No 2 engine rollback and shutdown during flight. Initial investigation suspects a faulty Fuel Control Unit. Investigation continuing. P/No: 32448809. TSO: 1640 hours/75 months.

PWA PT6A42 Engine (turbine/turboprop) —turbine engine low power. SDR 510019819
RH engine low on power during take-off. Power approximately 2000 ft-lb instead of 2230 ft-lb. Investigation continuing.

PWA PT6A42 Fuel control/turbine engines—FCU unserviceable. SDR 510019824
LH engine Fuel Control Unit (FCU) unserviceable. P/No: 324476813. TSO: 3547 hours.

PWA PW121 Fuel controlling system—B nut loose. SDR 510019649
RH engine P3 pipe to Hydromechanical Unit (HMU) has ‘B’ nut loose and not correctly locked.