BoM call for aviation feedback

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The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) is conducting a survey to determine customer satisfaction with its aviation products and services.

BoM provides aviation weather services such as aerodrome weather reports (METAR and SPECI), trend forecasts (TTF) along with wind shear and volcanic ash warnings. The survey will help shape future services as part of the BoM review currently underway.

BoM encourages all those who use the services to provide feedback and comments over the next two months before the survey closes at the end of the year.

Complete the 15-minute survey here and visit their Aviation Services page for more information on weather products and services available.


  1. More pictures please. The TV news weather makes picture of the forecast cloud heights etc. Much easier to get a good impression of the weather. The printed format takes much longer to develop the over all picture of the area or aerodrome weather.



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