Crackers make dangerous goods naughty list

Homemade Christmas crackers are forbidden from passenger luggage. Image: © iStock |Chris_Elwell

Airlines are reminding passengers to leave miscellaneous party explosives at home as they fly around Australia over Christmas.

Party poppers, sparklers and ‘make your own’ Christmas cracker kits are all on Santa’s naughty list—strictly forbidden from passenger luggage.

Standard packets of pre-assembled Christmas crackers are allowed, with airlines imposing various restrictions on how they can be carried along with quantity limits.

Qantas, for example, are currently allowing a maximum of two packets of standard sized Christmas crackers to be packed into a passengers checked baggage, with each packet allowed to contain 12 crackers, making for a limit of 24 in total.

Regardless of size and quantity—all passengers must seek airline approval for these items before flying.

Airlines and safety regulators encourage all passengers to try and buy these items at the destination of their travel, rather than taking it with them in their luggage.

Fireworks and other explosives like Christmas crackers, also commonly referred to as ‘Bon Bons’, made CASA’s top ten ‘Least Wanted’ dangerous goods list for 2014, coming in at number six.

To find out more information about a particular item, you can use the ‘Can I pack that?’—Dangerous Goods App or contact your airline’s dangerous goods section.

If you’re still unsure about whether the items in your luggage might be dangerous, always check with airline or airport staff.


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