Door jam alert for Super Pumas

The AS332 Super Puma in flight. Image: © Airbus Helicopters | Patrick Penna

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has issued an airworthiness directive for the Airbus Helicopters Super Puma helicopter after a scheduled check revealed corrosion damage in the emergency door jettison system.

Both models of Super Puma—the AS332 and EC225—are identified in the directive, which says the corrosion detected was ‘due to the accumulation of un-drained water’ with ‘excessive plastic-rubber compound obstructed the water drain of the door jettisoning mechanism.’

The directive says if this condition is not detected and fixed, it could ‘lead to jamming of the door jettisoning mechanism, possibly preventing jettisoning of the affected door in an emergency situation and obstructing the safe evacuation of occupants.’

Flight Safety Australia reported on Super Pumas earlier this year, after several crashes in the North Sea. There are 21 AS 332 and 16 EC 225 Super Pumas registered in Australia, all of them working in offshore transport for the oil and gas industries.


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