2014: Safest year ever

image: © iStockphoto | sharply_done

With just 21 fatal accidents, 2014 was, by one measure, the safest year in aviation history, despite the high profile accidents of Malaysia Airlines flights 370 and 17.

Data correlated by the Aviation Safety Network (ASN) showed 2014 had the fewest fatal accidents with 21—eight fewer than 2013 and two less than 2012.

Despite this record low, the subsequent 990 deaths made 2014 just the 24th safest in terms of fatalities—with the biggest loss of life from the destruction of MH17 over Ukraine in July, killing all 298 on board.

According to the independent Dutch organisation—with approximately 33 million flights worldwide—the likelihood of flying and being involved in a fatal accident is one in 4,125,000.

Africa remains the most dangerous continent to fly, accounting for 43 per cent of the fatal accidents—despite only having three per cent of the traffic.

President of ASN, Harro Ranter, is not surprised by the steady decrease in fatal accident rates, highlighting the ongoing safety effort being carried out by the likes of ICAO, IATA and the greater aviation industry.

You can read more about 2014 and how it compares to previous years by visiting the ASN’s website.



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