21 October – 17 November 2014


Gulfstream Aerospace Life jacket EAMKSE35HC2L8PNP0723E109PW battery unserviceable. SDR 510020180
Life jacket light assembly batteries (13 of) unserviceable. Batteries had swollen beyond normal limits. P/No: PN51709.

The Bf Goodrich Co 42325 rescue hoist serviceable. SDR 510020068
During load test on hoist, overload clutch slipped when the loads exceeded the expected maximum value. Hoist returned for investigation. P/No: 42325165. TSN: /1584 cycles.

Unknown Manufacturer oxygen bottle unserviceable. SDR 510020111
Upon removal of an oxygen bottle, an engineer placed the regulator in shut-off position. When he disconnected the supply line the bottle vented. U/S bottle sent to the repairer. P/No: 10138420721. TSN: 3549 hours/4191 cycles/4191 landings  TSO: 3549 hours/4191 cycles/4191 landings.