21 October – 17 November 2014


SDR 510020052_adjSDR 510020052-2_adjSDR 510020052-3_adjContinental GTSIO520M Magneto/distributor—magneto loose. SDR 510020052 (photo above)
RH engine RH magneto failed. Investigation found the bearing supporting the distributor gear in the housing was found to be loose and causing play in the distributor gear eventually stripping the gear teeth. P/No: 103492607. TSO: 233 hours.

Continental IO520L Reciprocating engine cylinder section—pushrod distorted. SDR 510020156
No1 cylinder pushrod bent causing pushrod tube to break.

Continental IO520L Reciprocating engine power section—nut incorrect made. SDR 510020200
New cylinder holddown nut found to be incorrectly manufactured with threads off centre. P/No: 652541.

Continental IO520 Spark plug/igniter—spark plug broken. SDR 510020129
No4 cylinder bottom spark plug broken off flush with spark plug hole in cylinder. P/No: URHB32E.

Lycoming IO360A3B6 Reciprocating engine power section—cam follower cracked and leaking. SDR 510020064
The RH engine started surging 15 min into the flight and partial power loss. Inspection found the number 4 cylinder exhaust valve cam follower cracked and separated. No metal or other damage was evident and the effected part was still in place but cracked. The Engine will have to be split to properly to inspect the failed parts.

Lycoming O360J2A Magneto/distributor—gear worn and damaged. SDR 510020054
RH magneto cam gear to shaft assembly loose. Found during inspection iaw SB 643. P/No: IO1571234. TSN: 997 hours.

Lycoming O540F1B5 Reciprocating engine cylinder section—engine cylinder worn and damaged. SDR 510020055
Engine oil consumption noted to be quite high. It was decided to remove the spark plugs, all had excessive oil present on the plugs. Boroscope of the cylinders was c/o noticing excessive wear of the cylinder linings. It was decided to remove the engine and return it to the engine shop for inspection. On removal also noticed #2 cyl & #6 cylinder base nuts were loose. P/No: O5K21745. TSN: 891 hours.

Lycoming TIO540A2C Magneto/distributor—magneto seized. SDR 510020128
Magneto seized. Investigation found a suspected washer jammed between the rotor and magneto housing. Magneto had only just been fitted. FOD. P/No: 103492901. TSO: 298 hours.