17 November 2014 – 19 January 2015


Continental GTSIO520M Reciprocating engine cylinder section—piston ring breaking up. SDR 510020351
RH engine all top piston rings breaking up. Investigation found chrome face breaking up in area of bore contact. See attachments for details of certificates. Note—Defective rings held at CASA SDR Section. P/No: 648005. TSN: 1752 hours.

Continental GTSIO520M Reciprocating engine power section—crankcase cracked and leaking. SDR 510020214
Crankcase cracked and leaking in area of No5 cylinder. Cylinder hold down stud also broken.

Continental IO520C Ignition harness (distribution)—ignition harness incorrect routed. SDR 510020300
LH engine magneto/ignition harness incorrectly routed over fuel injector lines. The harness was pulled tight and attached to the lines by plastic ties. Silastic was used to prevent chafing.

Continental IO520C Reciprocating engine cylinder section—engine cylinder worn and leaking. SDR 510020299
LH engine cylinder exhaust studs severely eroded allowing exhaust gas leakage. Investigation also found two gaskets fitted to centre cylinder causing misalignment of the exhaust. P/No: 654962.

510020268Continental IO520L Engine starter—starter motor faulty. SDR 510020268 (photo above)
Investigating unusual noises from the starter motor during engine cranking, it was found that two of the four field screws were missing. P/No: 6462751R. TSN: 36 hours/5 months.

Jabiru JABIRU2200B Engine reciprocating—piston engine failed. SDR 510020312
Engine lost power and aircraft made a forced landing in a paddock. Investigation continuing.

510020390Lycoming IO360A1A Reciprocating engine cylinder section—engine cylinder corroded. SDR 510020390 (photo above)
All engine cylinders corroded and scored in bores. Two cylinders were measured at maximum limits. P/No: LW12993. TSO: 59 hours.

Lycoming IO360L2A Engine exhaust system—shroud FOD. SDR 510020326
Smoke smell in cockpit. Investigation of the engine compartment found debris in the exhaust heater shroud. Suspect debris was birds nest material.

Lycoming IO540E1B5 Reciprocating engine power section—crankcase cracked. SDR 510020400
Engine crankcase webbing cracked in area located between No4 and No6 cylinders. P/No: LW11036.

Lycoming IO540K1A5 Fuel control/reciprocating engines—FCU faulty. SDR 510020516
Fuel Control Unit (FCU) fails to respond to mixture adjustments. P/No: 252427312. TSN: 282 hours.

510020364Lycoming O360A1H6 Magneto/distributor—distributor gear unserviceable. SDR 510020364 (photo above)
Magneto distributor gear unserviceable. Gear exhibited signs of heating and arcing between the centre post and wiper arm which was also found to be loose. P/No: 3822. TSN: 1134 hours.

Lycoming O360E1A6 Magneto/distributor—distributor damaged. SDR 510020496
Magneto distributor block bushing failed causing damage to distributor gear. P/No: 10682054.

Lycoming O540F1B5 Reciprocating engine cylinder section—engine cylinder unserviceable. SDR 510020386
No 1 and No 2 cylinders low compression. Investigation found No 1 cylinder exhaust valve and seat faulty and No 2 cylinder had a faulty exhaust valve and a stuck open inlet valve. P/No: 05K21745. TSN: 788 hours.

Lycoming O540F1B5 Reciprocating engine cylinder section—exhaust valve worn and leaking. SDR 510020338
No 4 cylinder exhaust valve leaking past valve seat. P/No: LW19001. TSN: 2078 hours.

Lycoming O540F1B5 Reciprocating engine cylinder section—piston ring broken. SDR 510020339
No 6 cylinder compression piston ring broken. Cylinder wall scored. P/No: 74241. TSN: 501 hours.

Lycoming TIO540A2C Magneto/distributor—distributor failed. SDR 510020497
Magneto distributor block bushing failed causing damage to distributor gear. P/No: 10391586.

Lycoming TIO540AH1A Reciprocating engine power section—camshaft worn. SDR 510020377
Metal contamination of oil filter. Investigation found camshaft worn and cam follower faces pitted.

Lycoming TIO540 Magneto/distributor—magneto failed. SDR 510020212
LH engine LH magneto cam bearing failed causing internal damage to the magneto and drive. RH engine RH magneto cam end bearing failed with internal magneto damage. LH magneto cam end bearing found to be serviceable but very dry. P/No: 1200.