17 November 2014 – 19 January 2015


GE CF3410E Engine fuel pump—pump leaking. SDR 510020405
RH engine main fuel pump leaking from main stage relief valve. P/No: 2043M12P05. TSN: 10308 hours/7315 cycles.

GE CF3410E Fuel control/turbine engines—FADEC unserviceable. SDR 510020397
No 1 engine Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) unserviceable. P/No: 114E7099G2. TSN: 10696 hours/7581 cycles.

GE CF680C2 Engine (turbine/turboprop)—turbine engine leaking. SDR 510020452
LH engine oil leaking from area of exhaust nozzle lower drain. Engine removed for further investigation. Investigation continuing.

GE CF680C2 Fuel control/turbine engines—HMU faulty. SDR 510020359
No 2 engine would not shut down when fuel switched off. Engine eventually shut down after approximately 75 seconds. suspect faulty Hydromechanical Unit (HMU). Investigation continuing. P/No: 442274. TSN: 49166 hours TSO: 23332 hours.

GE CF680E1 Ignition system—ignition system suspect faulty. SDR 510020242
No 2 engine ignition system “channel A” faulty.

GE CF680E1 Thrust reverser—actuator leaking. SDR 510020260
No 1 engine thrust reverser cowl opening actuator leaking. Oil leaked onto compressor case and VSV’s causing oil fumes to enter the bleed air system.

GE CFM567B Engine fuel distribution—flange cracked. SDR 510020257
No 1 engine shutoff valve inboard adapter flange cracked. Found during shutoff valve replacement. No 2 engine shutoff valve inboard adapter flange was inspected as a precaution and also found to be similarly cracked. P/No: 69744131.

GE CFM567B Engine fuel distribution—fuel heater leaking. SDR 510020220
No 2 engine fuel servo heater leaking. P/No: 457311382. TSN: 29374 hours/17263 cycles/17263 landings/112 months.

GE CFM567B Engine fuel pump—pump leaking. SDR 510020514
No 1 engine driven fuel pump suspect leaking. P/No: 8283005. TSN: 14476 hours/8989 cycles.

GE CFM567B Engine starter—air starter unserviceable. SDR 510020301
No 1 engine air starter unserviceable. P/No: 35059459.  TSN: 40767 hours/23604 cycles.

GE CFM567B Engine start valves/controls—circuit breaker tripped. SDR 510020416
No 2 engine start lever channel A circuit breaker popped.

GE CFM567B Fuel control/turbine engines—HMU suspect faulty. SDR 510020208
No 1 engine failed to start. Hydro Mechanical Unit (HMU) and fuel pump replaced and engine started OK. Investigation continuing.

GE CFM567B Thrust reverser—thrust reverser FOD. SDR 510020328
No 2 engine LH and RH thrust reverser half cooling holes blocked by sealant. Found during inspection iaw SB 737-78-1090 and FAA AD 2012-05-02. P/No: 315A2295235236.

Lycoming ALF5071F Engine (turbine/turboprop)— turbine engine seized. SDR 510020224
No 4 engine failure. Initial investigation found metal contamination of the full flow chip detector and the N2 seized. Engine removed for investigation. P/No: 200304015.

PWA PW125B Fuel controlling system—pmp suspect faulty. SDR 510020272
Engine Power Management Panel (PMP) suspect faulty. Workshop investigation could not reproduce fault.

PWA PW125B Turbine engine turbine section—turbine disc rubbing. SDR 510020448
No 2 engine turbine suspect rubbing. Initial boroscope inspection found dust and particle contamination on the second stage power turbine disc and rubbing marks on the trailing edge of the first stage power turbine disc. Investigation continuing.

PWA PW150A Engine (turbine/turboprop)—turbine engine failed. SDR 510020350
No 1 engine internal failure. Engine shut down following failure messages and strong smell in cockpit and cabin. Initial investigation found extensive metal contamination of chip detectors and high pressure spool seized. Suspect bearing failure. Investigation continuing. P/No: PW150A. TSN: 16304 hours/18149 cycles.

PWA PW150A Turbine engine reduction gear—reduction gearbox failed. SDR 510020369
No 1 engine reduction gearbox suspect internal failure. Investigation continuing. P/No: 312163001. TSN: 2586 hours. TSO: 2506 hours.

PWC PW127M Turbine engine accessory drive—seal leaking. SDR 510020394
Engine oil pressure alert. Engine shut down. Investigation found oil leaking from generator seal. P/No: 3037223.

Rolls Royce BR700715A130 Fuel control/turbine engines—EEC suspect faulty. SDR 510020374
No 2 engine Engine Electronic Control (EEC) suspect faulty. P/No: 114E7842G220.

Rolls Royce RB211524G Engine (turbine/turboprop)—turbine engine low power. SDR 510020317
No 3 engine low power then rolled back. Investigation continuing.

Rolls Royce RB211524G Turbine engine compressor section—turbine engine surged. SDR 510020276
No 3 engine surge during takeoff. Investigation could find no damage or defects caused by the surge.

Rolls Royce TAY65015 Turbine engine accessory drive—turbine blade damaged. SDR 510020399
No 1 engine experienced a suspected surge with high N1. Boroscope inspection found a damaged stage 1 high pressure turbine blade. Investigation continuing.

Rolls Royce TRENT772B60 Turbine engine oil system—vent tube serviceable. SDR 510020348
Engine oil vent tube inspected iaw EASA AD 2007-0201 and SB RB.211-79-AE302. P/No: 1010010500.

Turbomeca ARRIEL1C Turbine engine oil system—chip detector contaminated. SDR 510020464
No 2 engine rear turbine bearing oil return line chip detector contaminated. Investigation defined the contamination as dust. Engine oil and oil filter changed.

Turbomeca MAKILA2A Turbine engine oil system—chip detector contam-metal. SDR 510020291
Engine chip detector debris screen contained a damaged roll pin. Investigation found that no roll pins are used in the engine or engine oil system.