Safeskies ‘training for change’

Image: iStock | © Elerium

‘Training for Change’ is this year’s Safeskies Australia conference theme for their 2015 event, scheduled for this September.

The Safeskies Conference—held biennially since 1993—identified many ongoing changes across the technical, commercial, organisational, environmental and economic dimensions of aviation as inspiration for the theme.

The Conference brings together operational people from airlines, defence, government, training organisations, charter operators, air traffic managers, suppliers, and regulators, both local and international.

Changes to ICAO Annex 19 prescribing new standards for state safety programs—the progression from compliance-based to risk-based safety management—was highlighted as one of major changes facing safety regulation.

Unsurprisingly, the rapid introduction and growth of remotely piloted aircraft and how they’re safely incorporated into existing airspace was also identified as a major challenge.

Safeskies says these changes and many more like them will have a major impact on the future of aviation training in ‘virtually all areas’, and invited speakers to focus their presentations on how the industry will meet these changes.

The 2015 Safeskies Conference will be held at the Realm Hotel in Canberra from the 23–24 September.

Further details can be found on Safeskies Conference website.



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