‘Xsighting’ landing captured on video


A new foreign object detection (FOD) system has captured the emergency landing of a Beechcraft Queen Air after the nose wheel failed to lock down.

The landing occurred at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport last year, but footage of the incident has only just been made public.

As the video shows, despite the aircraft’s nose wheel failing, the pilots managed to land safely and all on-board were able to exit the aircraft without injury.

The FOD system—produced by American company Xsight—was installed at Tel Aviv Airport in May and consists of numerous surface detection units (SDUs) that line the runway, providing real-time data and imagery of the runway’s surface. This allows airport staff to monitor not just runway debris, but also runway temperature, weather such as snowfall along with bird and wildlife activity.

In this case, the system provided an excellent view of an emergency landing, adding to the list of aviation incidents captured by video technology.

As Flight Safety Australia reported in March last year, an Xsight system was installed at Boston Logan International Airport in an effort to quickly detect foreign objects, with the system scanning the runway surface every few minutes. Previously, staff had to perform the inspection by driving out to the runway’s surface every few hours.

Alon Nitzan, President and CEO of Xsight Systems, said: ‘Airport operators now have the ability to detect and remove objects as they appear on runway surfaces in between flights, which can save airlines millions of dollars in potential damage to planes, and enhance safety by adding a new layer of protection for passengers.’

The danger of runway debris are well known and cost the industry millions in repairs each year. In 27 years of flight, the only fatal Concorde crash was partly attributed by a single piece of runway debris, a metal strip about the size of a 30 cm ruler, from a DC-10 that had taken off five minutes earlier.


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