20 January – 24 March 2015


Hamilton Standard 14SF9 Propeller controlling system—control unit unserviceable. SDR 510020587
After engine start with condition levers at max, #1 engine went into feather and torque went to 105%. PCU replaced. Propeller also replaced due to over torque. P/No: 78249047.

Hartzell Propeller blade section—propeller blade failed. SDR 510020665
During descent R/H engine developed minor vibration. After landing, one propeller blade tip had failed.P/No: PHCJ3YF2UF. TSN: /231 months. TSO: 1559 hours/108 months.

SDR 510020560 - 1_adj SDR 510020560 - 3-adjMcCauley B2D34C220 Propeller hub section—propeller hub unserviceable. SDR 510020560 (photos above)
Propeller blade #1 suffering blade shake fore, aft and radially. Actuating pin found to be coming out of base and both pins found to be inserted into the bases upside down. P/No: B3905. TSO: 1270 hours.

Propeller controlling system—pressure switch suspect faulty. SDR 510020764
L/H engine beta on in flight. Air return initiated. L/H engine beta pressure switch replaced and A/C tested serviceable. P/No: 8975428.

Propeller system—cable broken. SDR 510020649
Daily run ups, feather selected and lever would not return to neutral position. On forcing the lever, the cable snapped behind the quadrant. Appears to be fatigue in the cable-end. LAME removed cable and noted corrosion/fatigue appeared to be the cause of the failure. P/No: 5038901031.

SDR 510020630 - 1_adjPropeller hub section— propeller hub leaking. SDR 510020630 (photo above)
25 hours after propeller was removed to rectify grease loss from the hub, light oil spray found on windscreen. Apparent leakage of oil from propeller hub.