24 March – 20 May 2015


SDR 510020974 - 1_adjHartzell HCB3TN3 propeller blade section—propeller blade damaged. SDR 510020974 (photo above)
Propeller blade tips damaged. Suspect unreported propeller strike. Propeller and engine removed for further investigation. Investigation continuing.

Hartzell HCC3YR2 propeller governor—governor unserviceable. SDR 510021143
LH engine governor unserviceable. Suspect fly weight/pilot valve worn. P/No: 210400. TSO: 960 hours.

Hartzell HCD4N3A propeller governor—governor failed. SDR 510021042
LH engine propeller governor failed on ground run. P/No: 210638. TSN: 877 hours/982 cycles/982 landings.

Hartzell HCD4N3A propeller governor —governor failed. SDR 510021043
LH engine propeller governor failed. Would not achieve maximum propeller RPM. Governor had stuck in test mode.

SDR 510021028 - 2_adjJabiru 4A482POD propeller hub section—propeller hub cracked. SDR 510021028 (photo above)
Propeller hub cracked. P/No: 4A482POD. TSN: 360 hours

McCauley 3AF32C515 propeller governor—governor unserviceable. SDR 510021060
Propeller governor faulty. Propellers out of synchronisation and propeller would not fully feather. P/No: DCFU290D13/T3. TSO: 1572 hours/48 months