Safeskies 2015—training for change

Young male pilot in cockpit
image: © Monika Wisniewska | Thinkstock

‘Training for Change’ is this year’s Safeskies Australia conference theme for the 2015 event in Canberra this September.

The Safeskies Conference—held biennially since 1993—identified many ongoing changes across the technical, commercial, organisational, environmental and economic dimensions of aviation as inspiration for the theme.

The conference brings together operational people from airlines, defence, government, training organisations, charter operators, air traffic managers, suppliers, and regulators, both local and international.

Safeskies commences with a conference dinner on 22 September at Parliament House with the Sir Reginald Ansett Memorial Lecture, presented this year by Air Chief Marshal Sir Angus Houston.

Safeskies will continue over the following two days at the Hotel Realm in Canberra, with guest speakers to include:

  • Professor Patrick Hudson, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands.
  • Captain John Bent, Chairman Training Practices WS, International Pilot Training Consortium.
  • Mr Alan Woolford, Director QinetiQ Academy, Guildford UK.
  • Mr Gerard Forlin QC, Barrister Civil and Commercial Litigation.
  • Dr John Huddlestone, Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Engineering and Computing, Coventry University.
  • Dr Eric Groen, Senior Scientist Aerospace Physiologist, SUPRA project.
  • Captain Henry Donohoe, Senior Vice President Emirates Airlines Group Safety.

Conference themes will include progression from compliance-based to risk-based safety management and the rapid growth of remotely piloted aircraft and their safe inclusion into existing airspace.

Safeskies says these changes and many more like them will have a major impact on the future of aviation training in ‘virtually all areas’, and invited speakers to focus their presentations on how the industry will meet these changes.

The 2015 Safeskies Conference is on 23–24 September at Hotel Realm in Canberra and registration details are available on the Safeskies website.


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