20 May 2015 – 16 July 2015


Air Cruisers Div Of Garrett Corp 66536103 connector missing. SDR 510021325
Life raft connecter chain missing from mooring line assembly. Life raft was in workshop for three yearly service. P/No: 8947T24.

Magneto faulty. SDR 510021248
LH magneto timing drifting. Investigation found points came loose. Further investigation found the rotor shaft cam slot had been machined oversize. P/No: 4371. TSN: 44 hours/1 months.

Messier-Hispano ATR72 wheel cracked. SDR 510021262
Main landing gear wheel outer half cracked on mating face. Found during eddy current inspection. P/No: A365593. TSN: 4376 hours/3497 cycles TSO: 3565 hours/2901 cycles.