20 May 2015 – 16 July 2015


Garrett TFE73122B Fuel control/turbine engines—computer suspect faulty. SDR 510021194
RH engine fuel computer suspect faulty. Investigation continuing.

GE CF3410E Engine collector/tailpipe/nozzle—vent tube distorted. SDR 510021205
No. 2 engine centre vent tube distorted at aft end and buckled at mid span. P/No: 3413201503.

GE CFM567B Engine cranking system—air starter failed. SDR 51002128
No. 2 engine air starter motor failed. P/No: 1851M36P10. TSN: 25734 hours/15146 cycles.

GE CFM567B Engine cranking system—starter/generator failed. SDR 51002128
No. 2 engine failed to start. Investigation found the starter/generator failed with metal particles found in the chip detector and scavenge filter. P/No: 1851M36P12. TSN: 5169 hours/3245 cycles.

GE CFM567B Engine start valves/controls—start valve failed. SDR 510021285
No. 1 engine start valve failed in the open position. P/No: 32896302. TSN: 1939 hours/1213 cycles.

GE CFM567B Exciter—ignition exciter failed. SDR 510021163
No. 2 engine ignition exciter failed. P/No: 9238M66P08. TSN: 39902 hours/23383 cycles.

GE CT79B Engine (turbine/turboprop)—turbine engine animal strike. SDR 510021185
LH spinner, propeller and engine intake had flying fox strike. Further investigation found remains on the first stage compressor blades. Investigation continuing.

PWA PT6A114A Turbine engine turbine section—power section suspect faulty. SDR 510021243
Suspected failure of component in engine power section. Investigation continuing.

PWA PW120A Fuel control/turbine engines—ECU faulty. SDR 510021353
No. 1 engine electronic control unit (ECU) faulty. Unit reverted to ‘manual’. P/No: 7898426009.

Rolls Royce TAY65015 Thrust reverser—hose failed. SDR 510021331
No. 1 engine thrust reverser stowage hose failed. Loss of hydraulic fluid. P/No: AE2463510G0146. TSO: 10329 hours.

Rolls Royce TRENT772B60 Fuel control/turbine engines—FMU faulty. SDR 510021210
No. 2 engine fuel metering unit (FMU) faulty. P/No: FMU70201. TSN: 11398 hours/2988 cycles.

Rolls Royce TRENT772B60 Fuel control/turbine engines—FMU intermittent. SDR 510021309
No. 2 engine fuel metering unit (FMU) intermittent fault. P/No: FMU70201. TSN: 9422 hours/2471 cycles.