20 May 2015 – 16 July 2015


510021354_adjAlpha Aviation R2160 Control column section—joystick broken. SDR 510021354  (photo above)
Pilot’s control stick grip broken during aerobatics. P/No: CCG1457. TSN: 2960 hours.

Beech 200 Central display—DPU failed. SDR 510021169
Electronic attitude direction indicator (EADI) and electronic horizontal situation indicator (EHSI) failed. Caused by failure of display processor unit (DPU). P/No: 6229682004. TSO: 1714 hours.

Beech 200 Fuselage longeron/stringer—cleat cracked. SDR 510021217
No.5 LH stringer cleat cracked. Crack length less than 19.05mm (0.75in).

Beech 200 Landing gear actuator—terminal burnt. SDR 510021263
Landing gear motor failed to operate due to a burnt terminal inside the motor.

Beech 200 Wing control surface attach fittings—screw incorrect part. SDR 510021347
LH and RH aileron attachment screws incorrect part. Found during inspection iaw SB 77-4144.

Beech 200 Wing control surface attach fittings—screw incorrect part. SDR 510021348
LH and RH aileron hinge attachment screws incorrect part. Found during inspection iaw SB 77-4144.

510021192_adjCessna 152 Horizontal stabiliser spar/rib—spar cracked. SDR 510021192 (photo above)
RH horizontal stabiliser rear spar cracked in area adjacent to vertical fin attachment bracket. P/No: 043200156. TSN: 13694 hours.

Cessna 172M Horizontal stabiliser spar/rib—spar cracked. SDR 510021329
Horizontal stabiliser spar cracked. Found during inspection iaw AD/C170/59a1 and SIDs 55-11-01. P/No: 05320098. TSN: 14724 hours.

Cessna 172N Aircraft fuel distribution system—hose deteriorated. SDR 510021222
Aircraft fuel hoses perished. P/No: S14956.

510021328_adjCessna 172S Master cylinder/brake valve—shaft sheared. SDR 510021328 (photo above)
Shaft attaching brake master cylinder to brake/rudder pedal sheared. P/No: 98820125. TSN: 4424 hours/104 months.

510021290(2)_adjCessna 208B Cabin compressor system—bearing collapsed. SDR 510021290 (photo above)
Air compressor drive bearing collapsed. Suspect caused by lack of grease in bearing. P/No: MRC206SZZC. TSN: 2806 hours.

Cessna 210N Nose landing gear strut/axle—torque link cracked. SDR 510021221
Nose landing gear upper torque link cracked on both sides midway on the lower edges. P/No: 12434262. TSN: 5680 hours/420 months TSO: 844 hours/132 months.

Cessna 402C Landing gear position and warning system—switch suspect faulty. SDR 510021258
Nose landing gear door uplock switches out of adjustment.

510021277_adjCessna 441 Hydraulic system main—hydraulic line cracked and leaking. SDR 510021277 (photo above)
Landing gear retraction system hydraulic line cracked and leaking. Loss of hydraulic fluid.

Cessna 441 Hydraulic system main—hydraulic line split. SDR 510021213
Hydraulic line from centre section to RH nacelle split. P/No: 571702213.

Cessna A152 Horizontal stabiliser spar/rib—reinforcement cracked. SDR 510021197
RH horizontal stabiliser spar reinforcement cracked in same location as spar in SDR 510021196. P/No: 043200115. TSN: 18347 hours.

Cessna A152 Horizontal stabiliser spar/rib—spar cracked. SDR 510021196
RH horizontal stabiliser rear spar cracked adjacent to vertical stabiliser rear attachment bracket. P/No: 043200156. TSN: 18374 hours.

Cirrus SR22 Prop/rotor anti-ice/de-ice system—nozzle blocked. SDR 510021198
Propeller anti-ice slinger ring nozzle partially blocked causing disrupted flow of fluid.

Gippsland Aeronautics GA8 Stabiliser actuator—bearing dry. SDR 510021369
Horizontal stabiliser pitch trim screw jack drum assembly top and bottom bearings worn and had no lubrication. P/No: 99R16.

Grob G115C2 Vacuum distribution system—drive gear worn. SDR 510021355
Vacuum pump gear drive worn excessively. See SDR510021332 for similar defect. P/No: 72970. TSN: 399 hours.

510021351_adjGulfstream 500S Wing fuselage attach fittings—strap cracked. SDR 510021351 (photo above)
RH lower wing to fuselage attachment strap cracked. Found during inspection iaw AD/AC/93 Req1. P/No: 1700368. TSN: 25888 hours.

LIBA LIBERTYXL2 Main landing gear strut/axle/truck—MLG leg cracked. SDR 510021326
RH main landing gear leg cracked. Crack length approximately 203.2mm (8in) running from axle attachment to the first bend radius of the leg leading edge. P/No: 135A40510. TSN: 1114 hours.

510021294_adjPacific Aerospace CT4A Landing gear steering system—lever failed. SDR 510021294 (photo above)
Nose wheel steering arm snapped.  P/No: 07528481. TSN: 6984 hours.

Pilatus PC12 Aileron tab control system—actuator unserviceable. SDR 510021187
LH aileron pitch trim actuator wiring broken at actuator. P/No: 9787318132.

510021238(3)_adjPiper PA31350 Engine air intake system—door unserviceable. SDR 510021238 (photo above)
LH and RH alternate air intake door mechanism unserviceable with worn parts and suspect incorrect door springs. P/No: 5491602.

510021214_adjPiper PA31350 Engine cowl flaps—cowling cracked. SDR 510021214 (photo above)
RH engine cowl flap cracked at both control rod attachment points. Crack length approximately 50.8mm (2in). P/No: 41803000. TSN: 16504 hours.

510021215_adjPiper PA31350 Engine oil distribution (airframe) system—hose fitting incorrect routed. SDR 510021215 (photo above)
Engine oil cooler hose incorrectly routed and resting against turbocharger waste gate. Hose damaged due to heat. P/No: 156F0038D0266. TSN: 675 hours/26 months.

Piper PA31350 Engine oil temperature regulator—control valve unserviceable. SDR 510021176
No. 1 engine oil temperature control valve unserviceable. P/No: 53E22144. TSN: 1494 hours.

Piper PA31350 Main landing gear strut/axle/truck—landing gear damaged. SDR 510021367.
LH main landing gear strut damaged during landing. Suspect axle failed due to possible internal corrosion. Brake disc was found hard up against landing gear fork. P/No: 4550404. TSN: 23492 hours.

510021366_adjPiper PA31350 Main landing gear strut/axle/truck—torque link corroded. SDR 510021366 (photo above)
LH main landing gear upper torque link heavily corroded in area under the squat switch. P/No: 40257000. TSN: 13386 hours/444 months.

Piper PA31350 Trailing edge flaps—flap track cracked. SDR 510021306
RH wing flap centre track cracked on rear roller upper flange. P/No: 4596802. TSN: 23478 hours.