20 May 2015 – 16 July 2015


Hartzell HCE4N3G Propeller assembly—propeller leaking. SDR 510021203
RH propeller leaking grease. P/No: HCE4N3G. TSN: 7296 hours TSO: 3312 hours.

Hartzell HCE4N5A Propeller governor—governor incorrect wired. SDR 510021314
LH engine propeller governor torque motor incorrectly wired to FCU with reversed polarity. Aircraft was on a post maintenance check flight. Take-off aborted due to LH engine power reduction. Aircraft veered off the strip and the RH main landing gear travelled onto the grassed area.

510021337(2)_adj 510021337_adjProppellerwerk HOV62R Propeller blade section—screw sheared. SDR 510021337 (photos above)
No. 1 propeller blade lag screw sheared. Sheared screw head jammed in feathering mechanism preventing blade from feathering. Evidence of corrosion at point of failure.

Rotol R352 Propeller feathering/reversing—bobbin non-compliant. SDR 510021231
Propeller feathering system bobbin was non-compliant with SBF50-61-157 (AD 2007-0203). P/No: 638005614.

Rotol R3754123F21 Propeller feathering/reversing—pump unserviceable. SDR 510021316
RH propeller feathering pump unserviceable. P/No: 638005001. TSN: 32103 hours.