Men in Black: Safety Defenders


It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it.

This is the adage some airlines are embracing when it comes to getting their passengers to pay attention to pre-flight safety briefings.

In their latest effort, Air New Zealand have turned to their country’s most prized sport icons, the All Blacks national rugby team, to sell their safety message.

It’s not the first time Air Zealand have used rugby to grab passengers’ attention, but when mixed with a Men in Black-themed rap song complete with dancers and high-end production, it certainly raises the bar as far as passenger safety briefings go.

The video is also well timed. With the Rugby World Cup being held in the United Kingdom next month, many rugby fans will be migrating north to watch their teams compete.

Air New Zealand have previously used the likes of Bear Grylls, Mick Fanning, David Hasselhoff, Betty White and Sports Illustrated swimsuit models to spruik safety messages.

While the videos are no doubt popular, they’re no longer just a way to get out a safety message, but a tool for airlines to promote and market their brand.

So do these videos reinforce the cabin safety message, or merely act as an eye candy distraction to passengers? Flight Safety Australia examined this question last year in Sexy, serious or safe?

You can watch more safety videos via Air New Zealand’s YouTube Channel.

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