Out-N-Back rewind – Episode 5


Out-N-Back—a mini-series following a VFR flight around the southern parts of Australia—is back due to popular demand, with the sequel Out-N-Back 2 filming later this year around the country’s north-east.

In the penultimate episode of Out-N-Back series 1, we flew from Hobart to Flinders Island to catch up with a local charter pilot before flying across Bass Strait to land at Moorabbin.

In this episode we covered:

  • Wildlife
    • Think logically about where there would be a greater likelihood of encountering birds—such as near water. So, if you are landing near water or flying low level, keep a good lookout for birds and give them as wide a berth as you can.
    • On the ground, dawn and dusk are particularly popular times for wallabies, kangaroos and other grazing animals to be out having a feed and they can jump out from screening shrubs on the side of the runway into your path at surprising speed.
  • Flight notification
    • If you don’t have access to a computer or a tablet to lodge your VFR flight plan with Airservices, just a phone line will do. To make life easy, don’t leave home without a few blank Airservices Flight Notification forms.
  • Use of iPads and iPhones in the cockpit
    • You are not allowed to rely on your electronic flight bag as your sole source of navigation or documentation, however they are very useful in enhancing a pilot’s situational awareness.
    • Take advantage of their increased situational awareness, but maintain traditional methods of dead reckoning with current paper charts and timepiece as your primary means of navigation.
    • So you’ve lodged your flight notification form and nominated a managing a search and rescue time (SARTIME). Did you remember to state the time in UTC?
    • Now, have you thought about how you’re actually going to cancel your SARTIME? You might have to allow some extra time to ensure CENSAR (SARTIME databse) know you’ve landed, before they start looking for you.

Have your say and tell us what you would like to see covered while we travel to north-east Australia. Comment, email us at safety.promotion@casa.gov.au or contact us via our Facebook page.


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