Out-N-Back rewind – Episode 6


Out-N-Back—a mini-series following a VFR flight around the southern parts of Australia—is back due to popular demand, with the sequel Out-N-Back 2 filming later this year around the country’s north-east.

In our final episode of Out-n-Back 1, we flew from Moorabbin to Wagga Wagga to refuel and then completed our journey back where we started in Bathurst.

In this episode, the safety topics we covered:

  • Flight following
    • Should you be flying over unfamiliar terrain, or in less than ideal weather conditions, or for any reason you would appreciate being under the watchful eye of ATC, you can request a service called flight following, dependant on controller workload.
  • Operations at non-controlled aerodromes
    • ‘Be heard, be seen, be safe’ is a CASA message that will go a long way towards keeping you out of trouble in the vicinity of a non-controlled aerodrome.
    • Just because there appears to be less traffic about—or there are fewer transmissions on the radio around non-controlled aerodromes—it doesn’t mean you can relax your discipline of maintaining constant situational awareness.
  • Visual flight rules (VFR)
    • Don’t push the envelope! Brush up on VFR and while you’re at it, visual meteorological conditions (VMC) rules that apply in each particular class of airspace.
  • Navaids
    • Along with your map reading, use all available resources to help you navigate. The VOR (VHF omni-directional radio range) is a particularly useful navigational aid when combined with your map reading.
  • Flying in the outback—top tips to plan, survive and arrive:
    • Recency—are you current in the aircraft type?
    • Your aircraft—what is the age of your aircraft?
    • Planning—clothing packed for the terrain we’re flying over, not only our destination.
    • Fuel—remember, never assume that fuel is going to be available at a particular place in the outback, because there’s a listing in the ERSA.
    • Where are you going? It’s always a great idea to fly in company with at least one other crew and always submit a flight plan
    • Soak up the outback!

Have your say and tell us what you would like to see covered while we travel to north-east Australia. Comment, email us at safety.promotion@casa.gov.au or contact us via our Facebook page.


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