Swinburne to hold leadership summit

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Save the date! Swinburne Aviation Leadership Summit 10–12 November 2015

After a proud 18-year history as a key event on the Australian aviation industry calendar, Swinburne University of Technology’s annual aviation conference makes an exciting change in 2015, evolving into the Swinburne Aviation Leadership Summit.

Swinburne has appointed a specialist industry advisor, Paul Fox, to chair the Summit and to work closely with the Aviation School Deputy Chair Dr Peter Bruce, who has driven the Aviation Conference program over these past 18 years.

The completely revamped Summit will be a first for the region, with its strong focus on building aviation leadership throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific. Swinburne is proud to be playing a leadership role in convening this innovative event. The Summit program will feature prominent speakers from the aviation sector, as well as speakers from other industries, who will share their insights into leadership development.

The Summit program has two distinct components. The first two days focus on growing the leadership skills of emerging aviation leaders, while the third day, will focus on safety leadership, bringing together the industry’s thought leaders to discuss changing safety needs.

Over the past two years, Swinburne has spent considerable time canvassing the industry to identify current and emerging aviation needs in the region. The Summit program is the result of that consultation.

‘The industry has told us that leadership capability is a critical ingredient to the future success and sustainability of our aviation sector. And it is not just an Australian problem—it is a common need right across the Asia Pacific region, which is experiencing unprecedented growth,’ Dr Bruce said.

Achieving an industry-wide improvement in leadership capability requires not only a focus on the individuals identified as emerging leaders, but also on an organisation’s ability to identify, grow and support these leaders. The Summit will cover both these important areas.

Summit chair, Paul Fox has considerable experience within the aviation sector and has a reputation for getting significant new projects off the ground. He was responsible for establishing the Flight Safety Foundation’s office in Australia (the first outside of the United States), and more recently, has played a high-profile role establishing the not-for-profit peak body Aviation/Aerospace Australia.

The Summit brings together two core capabilities of the university: its long history as an innovator in higher education for the aviation sector, with the more recent initiatives being undertaken by the Swinburne Leadership Institute, established in 2013 to promote ‘leadership for the greater good’ across government, the private and not-for-profit sectors and civil society.

Participation in the Summit is open to organisations from throughout the Asia Pacific region and is relevant to all areas of the aviation and aerospace industries. For more information go to Swinburne’s website.


  1. The advice re the Swinburne event is too soon as one cannot book a seat yet. Wait a few more weeks is the word. Hmm! One would have thought that given the publicity about the event then it would have been possible to book a seat at that time.
    What was that name again ….. CASA & Swinburne. Oh! Got it!

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