Bogged down: discarded toy takes terrible revenge  

Lufthansa Airbus A340, registration D-AIGO, was forced to divert to Turkey. Image: Flickr | Hideyuki KAMON CC BY 2.0

A Lufthansa flight from Bangkok to Frankfurt flight had to divert to Turkey after a child’s toy flushed down the lavatory blocked six of the nine toilets on board.

The Aviation Herald reported ‘the landing was just in time for all on board’. After a two-hour delay, the A340-300 continued to Frankfurt, arriving nearly three hours behind schedule. There are no details of the toy, or of the passenger who ignored clearly printed injunctions in the aircraft toilet and flushed it. The A340-300 in Lufthansa service can carry 241 passengers.

The incident follows an occurrence in July, where a United Airlines captain on a flight from the US to Germany flushed bullets down the toilet, after realising they would be unacceptable to German customs. The bullets were spare ammunition for a pistol the captain carried, legally, on flights within the US. The pilot had initially disposed of the bullets in a waste bin, but flushed them after a flight attendant discovered them while looking for a passenger’s ring. Realising the flight attendant was obliged to report their discovery he confessed, and the ammunition was recovered from the aircraft’s waste tank after it landed.

In August, an Easyjet flight from London to Turkey had to divert to Milan, Italy, after a champagne bottle shot its cork into the ceiling and triggered several oxygen masks to deploy. Amazingly, this wasn’t the first time a bottle of champagne has caused a mid-air emergency on an Easyjet flight.

In 2009, an Easyjet Airbus A319-100 carrying 138 passengers from London to Edinburgh declared a medical emergency after a champagne bottle fell from an overhead locker hitting a passenger on the head. The passenger initially thought he was okay and declined assistance, but became unconscious soon after, prompting the crew to declare pan-pan and accelerate the landing into Edinburgh.


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