Fashion sense meets safety sensibility

Image: © easyJet

British low-cost carrier easyJet is wearing safety on its sleeve—literally. The airline has revealed cabin crew uniforms with wearable technology including LED panels showing flight details.

Cabin crew uniforms will be fitted with LEDs on the shoulders and illuminated hems to provide additional lighting. There will also be LEDs on the jacket lapels, displaying flight numbers and destinations, and the crew will also have access to in-built microphones.

Engineers’ uniforms will have LEDs in the jacket hoods to illuminate work areas, as well as microphones and an in-built camera with video streaming ‘to allow for remote diagnosis of technical issues’. Engineers’ jackets will also be fitted with an air quality sensor and barometer. This would help staff monitor their work environment and create a map of air quality in different cities for passengers’ information, easyJet said.

A ground crew uniform will feature illuminated LED panels on the forearms, to help marshal aircraft in difficult visibility.

EasyJet says it will trial the new uniforms early next year.

You can read more via easyJet’s website.


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