23 September – 25 November 2015


GE CFM567B2 Engine cranking system—starter/generator sheared drive shaft. SDR 510022007
Flight crew reported no rotation of N2/N1 during engine No. 1 start. Trouble shooting found starter shaft failed, starter replaced and tested satisfactory. P/No: 350594512. TSN: 270 hours/156 cycles.

GE CFM567B2 Engine fuel and control—thrust lever incorrect rigged. SDR 510021868
Thrust levers not aligned for same No. 1 on both engines with 1.1 degree split with maximum allowable split of 1.0 when thrust levers at idle position. Thrust Lever Resolver adjustment carried out IAW AMM 76-11-05-820-801. Independent inspections carried out.

GE CFM567B2 Engine fuel indicating system—bypass switch false indication. SDR 510021946
On climb crew reported engine No. 1 Fuel Bypass with associated master caution. Switch replaced and tested satisfactory. P/No: QA07995. TSN: 3772 hours/2301 cycles.

GE CFM567B2 Turbine engine air inlet section—fan blade worn. SDR 510022118
During fan lube of engine No. 2, wear was noted on a rear shank of the fan blades due to contact with the forward flange of the booster spool. The fan blade rear shank wear measured beyond limits. Fan blades replaced, engine tests satisfactory. P/No: 3400010260. TSN: 48635 hours/16485 cycles.

Lycoming ALF502R5 Engine (turbine/turboprop)—seal leaking. SDR 510021944
During climb, after take-off and with engine air ‘ON’, oil contamination smell detected. No. 1 bearing seal showing early signs of leaking oil. Aircraft has since entered heavy maintenance where the engine will either be replaced or No. 1 bearing seal pack will be replaced. P/No: 231307501.

PWA JT15D5 Turbine engine oil system—oil tube worn. SDR 510022191
During scheduled engine inspection, it was discovered the main oil supply tube assembly for the No. 4 bearing on both the L/H and R/H engines were found to be chaffing on the stainless steel throttle control cable mounting box assembly. Up to 50 per cent through the wall thickness of the L/H engine tube assembly was determined once the tube was removed for closer inspection. New tube assemblies fitted and repositioned for proper clearance. P/No: 3038498.

SDR 510022201_adjPWA PT6A60A Engine (turbine/turboprop)—stator incorrect assembly. SDR 510022201 (photo above)
During a scheduled borescope inspection, suspected damage was observed on one of the compressor turbine blades. To obtain a more detailed inspection, the engine power section was detached and the compressor turbine removed to investigate possible FOD damage. On removal of the compressor turbine and stator air seal, it was observed the 16 retaining bolts which secured the CT stator and housing to the casing were not secured by the tangs on the lock tab washers. It appeared the bolts were tensioned but the lock tabs remained in an unused condition. P/No: 3033661CL. TSN: 6241 hours/3244 cycles/6057 landings TSO: 2774 hours/1342 cycles.

PWA PW123E Turbine engine oil system—seal leaking. SDR 510022058
During flight No. 1 engine displayed loss of oil pressure with illumination of master warning and No. 1 engine oil pressure warning lights. Engine shutdown. Maintenance troubleshooting carried out. Engine oil found leaking from engine driven hydraulic pump drain port. Hydraulic pump removed and replaced. Found engine oil seal (P No. 3022375) damaged and contaminated by hydraulic fluid. Engine oil seal replaced. P/No: 3022375.

Rolls Royce TAY65015 Engine fuel pump—fuel system contaminated. SDR 510022249
During flight, the flight crew encountered a centre wing rank, No. 2 fuel pump ‘low pressure’ warning. During defect troubleshooting, engineering staff identified a piece of debris lodged in the No. 2 centre wing tank fuel pump, blocking 50–75 per cent of the unit’s inlet. The debris was removed, operational checks were carried out without fault, and the system was declared serviceable.

Williams FJ441A Turbine engine oil system—relief valve cracked. SDR 510022202
During the pilot’s daily inspection oil was noted all over the rear tail area (R/H side only) further investigation found that the R/H engines oil pressure relief valve was cracked. The engine manufacturer was notified and a replacement part was sent out for installation. P/No: 120931. TSN: 180 hours.