Conference to focus on lithium batteries

Image: iStock | © EyeMark

Lithium batteries and the safety risk to aircraft will be a hot topic of discussion at the 2nd Dangerous Goods Conference in Perth next month.

Held at the Novotel Langley Hotel the two-day event includes representatives from various industries discussing a range of different safety challenges including storage, handling and transportation of dangerous goods.

Two CASA dangerous goods inspectors will speak at the event and cover the risk of lithium batteries on aircraft and upcoming changes for competency based training.

For the past two years, CASA has named lithium batteries as the ‘least wanted’ dangerous good, topping an annual list of the most hazard dangerous goods in Australian skies.

Lithium batteries remain problematic due to their common use in electrical goods and for their propensity to short-circuit and catch fire if damaged or not carried correctly.

The conference will also focus on the growing resources sector and how boosted economic activity increases the likelihood of a dangerous good related incident.

Those who should attend the conference includes any profession involved in handling, storing and transporting dangerous goods, health and safety professionals, warehouse operators, mining and environmental engineers, emergency personal and medical practitioners.

Find out more about the conference to register online.



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