25 November 2015 – 27 January 2016


Continental O470R reciprocating engine cylinder section—piston ring broken. SDR 510022598
High-oil consumption noted on rebuilt engine after first oil change. Engine removed and stripped, discovered three cylinders with broken oil control rings and associated damage. Investigation ongoing. P/No: SA4000SC2. TSN: 56 hours

Continental TSIO520VB engine reciprocating—camshaft worn. SDR 510022421
While investigating left engine running rough found camshaft damaged. Engine removed for camshaft replacement. P/No: 654084A1. TSN: 1410 hours TSO: 1410 hours

Continental TSIO520VB reciprocating engine power section—exhaust valve unserviceable. SDR 510022419
Left engine running rough. CHT read 125 degrees in cruise, EGT only reading up to 75 degrees. Oil pressure and temperature normal. Compression test revealed low compression No. 2 cylinder. Cylinder removed. Found section of exhaust valve broken away. P/No: 655771. TSN: 1410 hours TSO: 1410 hours

Lycoming HO360J2A engine reciprocating—connecting rod unserviceable. SDR 510022566
During inspection metal found in filter, operator advised also of a ‘knocking noise’ coming from engine. Upon bulkstrip inspection one conrod bush found broken and half missing. One similar defect reported. P/No: LW11750. TSO: 1504 hours

SDR 510022294

Lycoming IO360M1A engine reciprocating—filter split. SDR 510022294 (photo above)
Engine air filter discovered split around 180 degrees. Two similar defects reported. P/No: FR08504. TSN: 139 hours

Lycoming IO540F1B5 engine reciprocating—connecting rod unserviceable. SDR 510022568
During oil change (brass) metal found in oil filter. Engine removed for bulkstrip and during bulkstrip four conrod bushes found to be broken and displaced, gouging piston material as well. P/No: LW11750. TSN: 1031 hours

SDR 510022596

Lycoming IO540K1B5 engine fuel pump—pump failed. SDR 510022596 (photo above)
Engine decelerated during cruise. Aux fuel pump turned on, engine rpm increased, aircraft returned to base, on ground noted, fuel was spraying from engine driven pump case drain line. On shutdown found oil level two quarts higher. Engine driven pump found failed, with broken vanes and signs of excessive overheating, causing cracks of pump body. Shaft had signs of blueish metal indicating high heat and shaft seal had disintegrated allowing aux fuel pump fuel pressure to enter engine accessory case. Pump replaced, oil drained, flushed and oil replenished. Found debris in FCU filter, filter cleaned and reinstalled. Engine oil filter inspected as precaution found OK, no contaminants. Engine runs c/out all parameters normal. P/No: 201F5003. TSN: 502 hours

Lycoming LTIO540J2BD engine reciprocating—exhaust pipe blocked. SDR 510022297
Aircraft had been parked for a number of days. During taxi, smoke was observed from exhaust. Investigation revealed a bird had nested inside the exhaust. P/No: LTIO540J2BD. TSO: 682 hours

Lycoming O320E2D reciprocating engine power section—connecting rod failed. SDR 510022455
It appears No. 1 cylinder con rod big end has failed and punched a hole through the crankcase. P/No: O320E2D. TSO: 1061 hours

Lycoming O360A4M engine reciprocating—valve deteriorated. SDR 510022432
In cruise, engine lost power and ran rough. Forced landing carried out at nearby airfield. Following landing the engine ran normally. Found a small piece of rubber from the carby heat valve in the bottom of the carby heat box. It is suspected that the detached piece was drawn into the carby partially blocking the venturi. At low power the piece dropped to the bottom of the box. Replacing the valves at engine change period should prevent reoccurrence. P/No: 05521696