Knowledge is power at lithium battery conference

Image: © iStock | Janka Dharmasena

The rapidly growing use of lithium batteries and the safety risks they present will be discussed at a conference in Sydney this month.

The conference will see battery experts from numerous industries, including aviation, mining and renewable energy discuss the growing applications of the technology and  the distinctive characteristics of these batteries.

Assistant Director of Cargo Safety of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), David Brennan, will be speaking on both days of the event and will discuss how the advancing technology has challenged aviation regulators, and will provide an update on the regulations applicable to air transport of lithium batteries for 2016 and 2017.

The two-day event is at Rydges North Sydney on May 24–25 and is aimed at a broad audience including experts in engineering, dangerous goods, renewable energy, health and safety, transportation and energy storage.

More information and registration details can be via the organiser’s website.


  1. I had a samsung s2 phone in my pocket. The phone became so hot I literally had to throw it out of my pocket. It was a fairly standard “ISA” day. The Lithiuym Ion battery, for no apparent reason went into thermal runaway. I replaced that battery.
    So, unexplained thermal runaway does happen. What if I left my phone in my canvas toolbag on an aircraft and it burst into flames? I would have had an article for this magazine:-)

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