21 March 2016—27 May 2016


SDR-510023282Continental IO346A reciprocating engine power section—camshaft galled. SDR 510023282 (photo above)
Pilot reported engine making ‘popping noises’ at low rpm. Compression check carried out and top overhaul commenced due to low compressions. When cylinders removed, camshaft became visible and on inspection galling was noted on a couple of the lobes. Engine sent for bulk strip. P/No: 630685. TSO: 466 hours

SDR-510023261Continental IO346A Reciprocating engine power section—hinge loose. SDR 510023261 (photo above)
During disassembly for removal of cylinders, a hinge pin was discovered inside the induction system balance tube at the forward end of the induction manifold. Further investigation reveals a substitute bent wire hinge pin installed in the induction alternate air door hinge.

SDR-510022971(1) SDR-510022971(2)Lycoming IO360L2A Reciprocating engine cylinder section—engine cylinder corroded. SDR 510022971 (photos above)
Borescope inspection carried out. Corrosion found in cylinder bore with corrosion evident on connecting rod and associated parts. Cylinder removed. Considered low-hour removal. P/No: IO360L2A. TSN: 6318 hours TSO: 43 hours.

Lycoming IO360M1A reciprocating engine front section—filter split. SDR 510023039
During inspections, air induction filter split at flange. P/No: FR08504. TSN: 192 hours.

Lycoming IO540E1B5 engine reciprocating crankcase cracked. SDR 510023188
During aircraft inspection (75 hourly), crack found on top of No. 6 cylinder of approximately one inch in length. Engine replaced. P/No: LW11036.

Lycoming LTIO540J2BD reciprocating engine power section—bracket failed. SDR 510023269
Pilot reported low power and yaw on LH engine during take-off run. Take-off was aborted. Investigation found LH engine cylinder No. 4 intake rocker pin and shaft had had drifted due to failure of the rocker cover rocker pin retainer bracket. This allowed the rocker shaft to migrate out & rocker shaft to dislodge. No other damage was caused by failure. Intake valve train was inspected, reinstalled, new rocker cover fitted and aircraft returned to service. P/No: 72242.

Lycoming O235L2C reciprocating engine power section—float valve miscalibrated. SDR 510023215
Engine ran rough on upwind leg of circuit. Circuit completed with rough-running engine and landing carried out on departure runway. Engine running ‘rich’ on taxi to hangar. Carburettor found to be flooding due float valve clip catching on float valve seat. Float lever and clip clearance adjusted IAW manufacturers manual. P/No: 29182. TSO: 1714 hours.

Lycoming O360A1F6 fuel control/reciprocating engines—able sheared. SDR 510023190
During flight, engine control failed to respond. Engine was shut down and safe landing was made. During inspections, control cable was found sheared forward of the firewall. Cable replaced. P/No: GS70000133. TSN: 32 hours.

Lycoming O360J2A reciprocating engine power section—pushrod worn. SDR 510023254
During scheduled inspections against SB 301/388C, No. 3 cylinder exhaust pushrod and rocker assembly was found to be worn excessively. Replaced rocker and push-pull tube. This engine is a roller rocker type. It seems that the push rod was not rotating but staying in one position wearing on the end. P/No: 15F199573017F19357. TSN: 1066 hours

SDR-510023288Magneto/distributor—coil burnt. SDR 510023288 (photo above)
Magneto returned as beyond economic repair due to internal burning. It is suspected that the damage was caused by an incorrectly positioned HT coil terminal.