28 May 2016–28 July 2016


Allison 250C20R Fuel control/turbine engines—tube corroded. SDR 510023506
Scroll to PC filter tube was removed for a compressor rinse. Upon inspection, flare at the scroll end was found with a small amount of pitting corrosion in the flare corner. Tube was deemed unserviceable. New tube installed. P/No: 23037438.

Garrett TPE3316252M Turbine engine turbine section—turbine blade failed. SDR 510023583
IFSD due turbine failure. Secondary damage to engine cowls was reported as blades exited through the combustion chamber.

GE CF343B Engine (turbine/turboprop)—turbine engine shut down. SDR 510023387
On climb out of departing base, right engine fire warning was displayed on Alerting System. Crew Shutdown the RH engine in accordance with the Flight Manual, and performed an emergency landing at departing port. P/No: 6089T11G01. TSN: 5993 hours/2892 cycles/2892 landings/219 months TSO: 1049 hours/520 cycles/520 landings/60 months.

GE CF680E1 Thrust reverser—thrust reverser broken. SDR 510023535
While carrying out routine DVI and lubrication of thrust reverser drive shafts, RH thrust reverser half electromechanical lock brake drive shaft found broken. Flexi shaft appears to have been over torqued. Failed component replaced with electromechanical brake replaced as a precautionary measure. Occurrence taken as an isolated event with follow up reports to be monitored through reliability program.

IAE V2527A5 Engine (turbine/turboprop)—turbine engine incorrect assy. SDR 510023414
As per advice from Engine overhaul shop, some ESNs have been identified with incorrect installation of No2 bearing outer race. There is no on-wing action required and the issue will be tracked via Non-modification Service Bulletin (NMSB) due for release soon. P/No: V2527A5.

IAE V2527A5 Fuel controlling system—FADEC fault message. SDR 510023352
Aircraft performed a rejected take-off due to ECAM warning relating to Engine #1 EPR mode fault. Crew also advised of presence of smoke coming out from engine #1 whilst taxiing back to gate. Engineering attended and carried out an operational test of the Engine #1 FADEC system. Test passed successfully with nil faults. Subsequently and due to presence of smoke reported by crew, Engineering carried out an engine run, no smoke or smell from engine #1 was confirmed with all parameters normal.

510023360Lycoming T5313B Turbine engine compressor section—impeller damaged. SDR 510023360 (photo above)
Loose Dzus fasteners ingested into air intake causing damage to compressor blades. Apparently fasteners were incorrectly installed. Repair instructions requested from the OEM. P/No: 110007813. TSO: 164 hours.

PWA PW125B Turbine engine reduction gear—chip detector contaminated. SDR 510023462
Following a chip detector event on #1 engine, workshop analysis determined bearing material liberated that is used at 10 different locations within the RGB. RGB was decommissioned latter on and was never disassembled. Review of company’s reliability data shows contamination in excess of engine manual is isolated and associated risk is classified as low. Nil further reliability action.

Rolls Royce TAY65015 Engine (turbine/turboprop)—seal unserviceable. SDR 510023427
During take-off roll, upon advancing the Engine Throttles, Flight Crew encountered Engine # 2, High Engine Vibration Warning. As a result, the take-off was aborted at approximately 30 Knots. During the course of troubleshooting, following maintenance was done, 1. Fuel leak at pipe running between HP fuel pump and shut off valve was rectified by replacing the seals. Going further. 2. Engine hub and blade lubricated followed by vibration survey. 3. Torque check of engine bleed band with both aft and forward movement satisfactory. 4. FFR replaced. Further investigation into cause of engine vibration is continuing. P/No: KB16206.

510023551Rolls Royce TRENT97284 Compressor bleed valve —bleed valve broken. SDR 510023551 (photo above)
During inspection of #4 engine HPT blades, upper right hand bleed valve found with outlet duct failed. P/No: 32250907.