Flight Safety Australia September-October 2016


Our September-October headline story looks at a vexed question. Does aviation’s uncritical embrace of the concept of situational awareness overuse a valid concept? Safety thinkers are now starting to see situational awareness as a shared quality that depends on sound system design. A case study, ‘Tweaking the system,’ makes this point regarding the loss of an unmanned military aircraft, and is a cautionary tale for system designers

A new series, ‘Safety in Mind,’ begins with a serving of Swiss cheese, the accident prevention concept developed by psychologist James Reason. We also look at the simple but effective bowtie model of safety analysis.

‘Positive charge’ reviews how aerodynamic and flight control innovation are jump-starting electric aeroplane development. We speak with NASA program director, Mark Moore, about the safety aspects of this new technology.

‘Fire on the plains’ remembers the 50th anniversary of an Australian airline crash near Winton, Queensland. Contributor, Thomas P. Turner, analyses the hazards of mountain flying. He reminds us that even in the flattest continent mountains are a factor for aviation because they occur near the places where most flying is done. Rotary wing specialist, Adrian Park, tells the cautionary story of how organisational failures brought down a Canadian medical helicopter; and in a light-hearted vein, Kreisha Ballantyne asks a serious question: ‘Can a little gender bending make you a safer pilot?’

The edition also looks at lithium batteries as a cabin safety hazard and recaps the growing body of evidence about control cable failure in general aviation aircraft.Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 14.52.29

The popular quiz and reader-submitted close calls round out a packed issue.

Flight Safety Australia’s September-October edition is now live: if you have a tablet, download the iPad app from the App Store, or the Android app from Google Play, and enjoy the interactive magazine experience, complete with video and audio. Once you’ve downloaded the issue, you can read it offline at your leisure.

And don’t forget the Flight Safety Australia news site where these stories (and many more) also appear over the two-month life of the issue, (September-October).



  1. As I don’t have a tablet, I thought I would be able to download Flight Safety Australia to my elderly Mac, but that appears not to be the case. Is it possible to do so, in one go, rather than as a series of news site stories ?

  2. Similar dilemma with download. PC download not shown and of course the tablet and phone options are there, but this is no reason to exclude a standard PC (Windoze or Linux or Mac) link.

  3. Just can’t seem to make sense of this site sometimes. I use an Apple Macbook Air. A very common computer. I don’t want to read off an Iphone and I don’t have an Ipad and I have trouble following the logic.
    For example where is the article Fire on the Plains?

  4. I try to follow the money and figure out who benefits from such a nonsense scheme, but it’s not obvious.


  5. I agree with the above comments. Not everyone wants to read these articles on such small screens or stress there download limit for something that can be achieved at a more leisurely pace on a PC.

  6. totally agree with all of the above. why has it become so difficult to access such important info? All we ever wanted was a print mag we could read in the loo and keep on hand for quick ref. Now we have to wade thru everything online and NO we CANT download to our PC where is the download? VERY ANNOYING

  7. Too many clicks and reading before getting to the meat! This is wasting my work time and drives people away. I received the email from the mailing list, browse the content, click on the link, opens this webpage on a work PC, which only repeats the blab from the email, search for links to this FSA issue, find one but return to start! Not good!

  8. I would greatly value being able to read the entire edition as a pdf (as was previously done).

    Clearly from the comments above and from talking to others, more people would read the content if this was available. It’s good content, so please make it more widely accessible.

  9. Why is a download not available for PC.’s or notebooks?
    I am sure I am one of many who do not own a tablet.

  10. Another case of CASA bureaucracy gone mad. I can understand cost factor for no paper mag but at least make it available for PCs preferably as PDF.

  11. PDF download for PC and Mac is a must have. I have sent my feedback to the link posted above by Scott. I hope everyone else does too.


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