29 July 2016–29 September 2016


McCauley 3AF32C505 Propeller assembly—propeller corroded. SDR 510023919
Propeller being sent for repair following sluggish operation, oil leaks and concern over the serviceability following many years of being stored. During dismantling, propeller was found to be severely corroded with bearings, retainers, piston rod, cylinder are all unserviceable. This is further testament to the fact that all McCauley propellers operating to AD/PROP1 Amdt 2 should be subject to a calendar life inspection/overhaul as is the case with Hartzell propellers.

MTV MTV6AC187 Propeller blade section—propeller blade delaminated. SDR 510023781
During periodic inspection, a major delamination along the trailing edge of blade #3 (near the blade root) was discovered. Propeller was removed and sent to repair station. Details awaited.

Propeller controlling system—solenoid valve faulty. SDR 510023897
On approach, with power settings below 2000 lbs, L/H engine torque indicator began fluctuating by about 800 pounds , with associated yawing of the aircraft. Ground runs confirmed the defect. Engine control rigging was checked, Propeller ground solenoid fine valve was swapped with the one on the R/H engine, defect transferred to the R/H Engine. The valves were then removed, cleaned of any contaminants and re-fitted IAW AMM. Ground runs were again carried out, auto-feather and propellor sync were also tested. No further fluctuations evident and aircraft released to service. P/No: 189894001.