29 July 2016–29 September 2016


Garrett TPE33110N Turbine engine accessory drive—accessory gearbox sheared. SDR 510023691
IFSD and consequential diversion to suitable airport due failure of engine driven fuel pump drive. At this point there is no apparent reason for this failure and no other visible indication’s of damage or defects. Engine due for strip tear.

GE CF348E5 Engine (turbine/turboprop)—turbine engine unserviceable. SDR 510023915
Bird strike on RH engine. Bird strike inspection carried out and bird debris removed and cleaned.

GE CF680C2 Turbine engine turbine section—turbine disc corroded. SDR 510023938
During inspection of a Disk, LPT Stg. 1, corrosion on cone body was found beyond limits; according to Engine Manual the part will be scrapped. Rotating part is a life limited item. P/No: 9373M51P04. TSN: 11778 hours.

GE CFM567B2 Engine fuel pump jammed. SDR 510023912
N1 on Engine#2 not matching desired target N1 during climb. Auto throttle disconnected due N1 split. Troubleshooting confirmed fuel pump Impeller not rotating when rotated through N2 drive pad. Rectification was accomplished by replacing the fuel pump and the associated fuel filter IAW AMM. Functional and leak checks completed satisfactory. Aircraft released to service. Investigation initiated.

GE GENX1B Engine (turbine/turboprop) unserviceable. SDR 510023722
IFSD, diversion to suitable airport followed by engine #2 low oil quantity and pressure indications. On ground inspections, large quantity of oil found on opening the engine cowls. Debris Monitoring GVI carried out. Considerable amount of debris found. GE have requested the FDD download due long windmilling with low oil pressure. Further details awaited.

510023840Lycoming LTS101700D2 Engine (turbine/turboprop)—idler gear damaged. SDR 510023840 (photo above)
Torque idler gear lock nuts found damaged during engine disassembly. Three of the eight nuts found damaged with fifteen segments broken off. P/No: 408116304. TSN: 8879 hours TSO: 722 hours

PWA PT6A114A Engine (turbine/turboprop) unserviceable. SDR 510023805
Aircraft could not achieve take-off power, rejected take off and returned to bay. During ground run, defect verified. Suspect bleed air valve malfunctioning & requires replacement. BSI of the cold section , Torque calibration check & rigging of the engine control planned. Troubleshooting continuing.

PWA PT6A114A Turbine engine oil system—relief valve loose and leaking. SDR 510023778
Customer reported loss of oil pressure, oil consumption during flight. Root cause for the initial oil level/pressure issues was the omission of the O ring. After replacement of gear and a seal, oil was lost again during the next 2 hour flight test. During disassembly of the accessory gearbox, technician noted that the PRV was unsecured (incorrectly assembled, circlip was not properly engaged in the retaining groove). Root cause of this was established as maintenance error during last oil loss investigation/close up. Adequate preventive measures have been taken including introduction of an Independent inspection, requesting OEM to include caution at assembly instruction in the overhaul manual and issuance of a quality alert. P/No: VARIOUS.

Rolls Royce TAY65015 Fuel control/turbine engines unserviceable. SDR 510023701
After QEC replacement and during subsquent flight in climb phase, engine thrust rolled back to 1.16 EPR. Troubleshooting to be carried out IAW FIM 71-00-00-XX. P/No: RRTAY650.

Rolls Royce TAY65015 Turbine engine turbine section—rotor blade broken. SDR 510023946
At about 800 feet AGL, Engine #2 vibration related alert generated. Air return followed by safe landing was made with engine at idle. After engine strip, turbine blade was found to be damaged. Considered BER, consequently engine was scraped and salvageable parts were put to storage.