‘Flight Safety Australia’ November-December 2016 out now!

image: © Civil Aviation Safety Authority

In our final issue for 2016, Flight Safety Australia looks west, to see how offshore and fly-in-fly-out operations in mineral-rich Western Australia are handling the end of the minerals boom. The pressures of the boom have eased, but the subtle pressures of relative austerity may be lining up to replace them.

The November-December edition continues FSA’s focus on electric aircraft development, where distinct signs are emerging that manned electric aircraft and drones will use many of the same technologies. Related is an overview of the hazards and potential of lithium batteries, which ponders the implications of a ‘lithium economy’ for air transport. The series investigating important safety ideas, ‘Safety in Mind’, continues with an examination of sensemaking theory, and how it can explain and influence individual and organisational behaviour.

Contributor Adrian Park dissects the 2013 crash of an Airbus A310 night freighter at Birmingham, Alabama, US, and finds a story of procedural drift and chronic fatigue. Thomas P. Turner analyses the aerodynamics of a common, but underestimated manoeuvre— the go-around; and Kreisha Ballantyne assesses what it means to be truly current as a pilot. A maintenance story focuses on the importance and difficulty of detecting cracks in the popular Rolls-Royce 250 turboshaft engine—its title, Big Bang Theory, is a strong clue as to what can happen if this is not done well.

‘More than a mouthful’ covers the subject of aviation dentistry, important because of the proven links between dental health and general health. Keeping your smile in good health could also be good for your medical clearance.

The popular quiz and reader-submitted close calls round out a packed issue.

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