Meet the experts: RPAS

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The term RPA refers to remotely piloted aircraft, but these aircraft are also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) but you might know them more commonly as ‘drones’.

RPA come in all shapes and sizes, from those that are as big as a 737 (although not in Australia) to some that will fit in the palm of your hand. RPA can be used for such purposes as firefighting, search and rescue, disaster relief, border patrol, weather monitoring, hurricane tracking and law enforcement.

Our remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) airworthiness inspector John Frost is on hand at Avalon 2015 to answer any of your RPAS questions.

John works as part of the RPAS team on the approval and ongoing oversight of UOC holders. John has 15 years’ experience at CASA, is a licensed aircraft engineer and has held a British pilot licence.

He has many years’ experience in the building, maintaining and operation of fixed wing, multi-rotor, and helicopter RPA. John transferred into the RPAS team when it formed in 2013.

John Frost
John Frost
Tim Graham
Tim Graham










Joining John at Avalon 2015 is Tim Graham—our standards support officer in the Future Technology and Regulatory Trends Branch at CASA. He’s the regulatory specialist in regards to RPAS and model aircraft and has supported this area for almost three years.

He was involved in developing the CASR 101 regulation amendments, the Training and Licensing Manual of Standards (MOS101) and currently, conducting the post implementation review for model aircraft, balloons, fireworks and rockets.

He is also the current Secretariat for the Unmanned Aircraft Standards Subcommittee (UASSC), that is a joint CASA/aviation community forum for the development of regulations and standards pertaining to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), including UAS operations, remote pilot licensing and unmanned aircraft.

Tim also holds a Bachelor in Aviation Management and a Masters of Aviation (Massey University) and during his study, worked as a part time operations assistant at the Massey School of Aviation, in Palmerston North.

John and Tim are available at the CASA stand in Hall 2 from Tuesday 24 February until Sunday 1 March to discuss all things RPAS.

Avalon 2015 is one of the largest, most comprehensive aviation events in the southern hemisphere and will bring together aviation and aerospace professionals, key defence personnel, aviation enthusiasts and members of the general public.

Make sure to stop by the CASA stand at Avalon and meet our experts, get free safety material and take home your very own Flight Safety Australia cap.