Flight Safety Australia, CASA’s flagship aviation safety magazine, is available online and as a print subscription.

Flight Safety Australia print magazine

Published four times a year – March, June, September and December.

64 pages packed with features and news, historical crash analysis, close calls, quizzes, accident reports and more.

How to subscribe

Visit the CASA Online store to set up your annual subscription to have Flight Safety Australia delivered to your door.

Subscription fee

An annual subscription fee of $39.92 applies to have four issues delivered to you in a 12-month period (includes GST, postage and handling within Australia). The price equates to less than $10.00 per issue – or less than $0.80 per week.

Expected delivery dates

Your subscription will begin with the next available issue.

Please note: Distribution times vary due to Australia Post delivery timings.

Individual issues and back issues

Individual issues including back issues are available for sale at the CASA Online Store for $14.95. You can also browse the Flight Safety Australia website for content you might have missed.

International orders

You can subscribe if you live outside Australia. Shipping prices will vary depending on your location. Contact the CASA Online Store for pricing.

Subscription inquiries

To inquire about your subscription, contact the CASA Online Store.

Editorial inquiries and information for contributors

For all editorial inquiries (including contributor guidelines) email the editorial team in CASA’s Safety Promotion section at


The magazine is currently not accepting advertisements from external entities.

Comments from our readers

Content is well written, informative and enjoyable:

  • “Invaluable reading for aviation members.”
  • “It has a great unbiased coverage of most areas of the industry.”
  • “This is a unique publication full of excellent content.”
  • “Informative, thought provoking and instructive.”
  • “It provides unique aviation-related stories and maintenance insights, and a good read as well.”
  • “Informative and technically sound publication. Entertaining writing also.”

It provides opportunities to learn from other’s mistakes:

  • “It is an excellent resource of information about how easily a normal flight can go awry. It encourages me to consider beyond immediate aspects of flight to the future ramifications if each decision.”
  • “Although I have been flying for 37 years, I learn from almost every flight. There are some very interesting articles and we should learn from other pilot’s experiences.”
  • “The articles covering points of failure in an overall context highlight how easy it is for a mistake to occur with potentially disastrous results, and it is typically very well written in an ‘entertaining’ manner rather than talking down.”

It provides a relevant connection to real life practices:

  • “Individual aviators can easily become aviation isolated and this publication provides a credible connection.”
  • “Sound knowledge leads to a safer aviation environment and this can be achieved through reading Flight Safety Australia.”
  • “It has always been a very informative magazine. It continually provides relevant information.”