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Recognising excellence in aviation safety management

Aviation safety managers are ‘the glue of an aviation organisation’ according to aviation safety advisor Terry Horsam. They keep the organisation from coming unstuck in an accident ort incident. ‘They actually know what's occurring...

Drone flyer diary: Matt Sturdy

Australia has emerged as a global hub for drone innovation, with beyond visual loss-of-sight (BVLOS) operations taking center stage. Leading this revolution is Matt Sturdy, a drone specialist at the forefront of long-range operations...

Elevate your career with our AME scholarship program

There are 3 scholarships worth $5000 on offer for up-and-coming engineers.
crack in exhaust

Have your say in poison gas survey

CASA is launching a survey to determine the current level of knowledge within industry about the effects of carbon monoxide, and the frequency at which active detectors are used during flight.

Ace your flight review: 7 secrets to success

Flight reviews come around fast and can be a nerve-racking experience – particularly if you’re not maintaining your currency as a pilot. These 7 tips can help you ace the experience.
An illustration depicting the 6 stages of development of a pyrocumulonimbus cloud.

Beware of bushfire clouds

In September last year, the Bureau of Meteorology declared 2023/2024 to be an El Nino year, with higher-than-average temperatures and drier air, and less rain. The past few years under La Nina have seen...

After the deluge: the challenge of flood damaged aircraft

It wasn’t just houses and businesses that fell foul of the recent flooding and torrential rain that inundated the towns of Lismore and Cairns in recent times – aircraft also were affected. The question...
a group of lifeguards looking at a drone

Drone flyer diary: Oliver Heys

Never work a day in your life. For many of us, Oliver Heys has scored the job of a lifetime. Picture this: soaring a Mavic 3 through the skies across Australia’s most picturesque seascapes, while ensuring...

Decoding the maintenance release

Reading a maintenance release (MR) is a crucial skill for pilots. Ensuring you understand the status of an aircraft's maintenance and overall airworthiness is not just a formality but a linchpin in the safety...
Royal Australian Air Force F-18F Super Hornet

Introduction of military operating areas

To enhance the safety of airspace users during military training or exercise activities, we are phasing in a new type of special use airspace called military operating areas (MOAs). So what is a MOA? According...
graphical representation of bowtie analysis

Bowties make safety risk analysis manageable

Are you a Part 121, 133 or 135 operator and undertaking a risk assessment of your business? Are you finding developing a scalable and fit-for-purpose safety management system challenging? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. For smaller...
drone flying

Drone flyer diary: Ronnie Fahy

A modern-day entrepreneur exploring the future of aerial intelligence. The 1985 film, Back to the Future, promised us flying cars and hoverboards by the turn of the century. Well, we haven’t interviewed a time traveller for...
Williamtown airspace | Airservices Australia

Changes to Williamtown airspace

Transitioning to Class C airspace from 30 November To improve the efficiency and flexibility of the airspace for all users, Airservices Australia has redesigned the airspace within 25 nm of Williamtown, NSW, effective 30 November...

Changes to airspace at Ballina

Airspace around Ballina Airport will be controlled by air traffic controllers from 2025.
Central Coast Aero Club 50th anniversary dinner under the stars | A Crouch/Central Coast Aero Club

Aero club soars to success

The Central Coast Aero Club has won a prestigious award.

Newcastle airspace restrictions

Planning on flying in the Newcastle Williamtown airspace this month?   The Royal Australia Air Force is hosting an exciting weekend for aviation enthusiasts at the Newcastle Williamtown Air Show on 18–19 November. Temporary airspace restrictions...
Ground station at a drone light show in Brisbane

Drone flyer diary: Andrew Crowe

State-of-the-art drone safety Andrew Crowe’s career began more than 20 years ago as a drone operator in the Australian Army. After 7 years working in cutting edge drone operations, he took an opportunity to transfer...
aircraft on a grass strip in front of a hill

Probability and flight planning

Forecasts that include the probability of adverse weather conditions (PROB) trigger certain rules and regulations. It’s important to understand what’s required before you fly. As pilots, we’ve all been there – looked at the weather...
Pilot safety card in an aircraft cockpit

Safety contact cards for visiting pilots

Rolled aircraft, fuel leaks and a bee nest in the undercarriage. These are some of the issues reported by airport staff about unattended aircraft at regional aerodromes. This week is Airport Safety Week and to...

Bathurst 1000 airspace restrictions

Several temporary restricted areas will be in place within the Bathurst area between Tuesday 3 October and Sunday 8 October for the Bathurst 1000 motor race. Bathurst Airport Restricted Area A temporary restricted area will...

Reap the safety benefits of installing ADS-B

Ensure a safe landing on your next journey, knowing that you can see and be seen by those around you. Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) is a great tool to help improve your situational awareness the...

Drone flyer diary: Renee Bartolo

Sitting in a shipping container during a Tasmanian winter is Dr Renee Bartolo, who is prepping remote pilots for a voyage down to Antarctica on a summer expedition. She was hard to contact, because she...
Fire fighting helicopter dropping water against a smoky orange sky.

Stay away from bushfires

El Niño adds weight and urgency to our annual bushfire warning. Summer 2023–24 has started early, it seems, with scorching September temperatures on Australia’s east coast and interior. And yesterday the Bureau of Meteorology officially...

Helicopter operator and electric flight pioneer connect

  In the latest incremental step towards electric aviation, one of the world’s largest civil helicopter operators has teamed up with a pioneer of electric flight to develop an urban air mobility (UAM) service. Bristow Helicopters...

Safety scholarships on offer

Are you an aviation safety manager or do you know someone who is? If so, why not apply for one of this year’s CASA safety manager scholarships,  or encourage a colleague to put their name...

Bearing failure doomed Leicester stadium crash helicopter

The crash which killed a Premier League football club owner and 4 others was due to a catastrophic failure of the tail rotor pitch control mechanism that made effective control of the helicopter impossible,...
L-R: Greg Barsby, QinetiQ Australia, CASA’s Chris Monahan, award recipient Chris Sievers and Gary Stewart, QinetiQ Australia.

Recognising a lifetime in the skies     

Chris Sievers receives his award We’re continuing our support of Australian Flying’s CASA Wings Awards through our Safety promotion sponsorship program. The program aims to improve and raise awareness of the importance of aviation safety...

Helicopter quiz: Winter 2023

For each item, choose the most appropriate response. A teetering rotor system is characterised by: two blades joined to a hub which has a single pivot point on top of the mast blades that...

Flying instructor lands a Wings Award

Peter Townsend receives his award We’re continuing our support of Australian Flying’s CASA Wings Awards through our Safety promotion sponsorship program. The program aims to improve and raise awareness of the importance of aviation safety...
CASA Wings Award winner 2023

Flying high at the 2022 Wings Awards

UPRT Australia and Lauren Jones receive their awards CASA is continuing our support of Australian Flying’s CASA Wings Awards through our Safety promotion sponsorship program. The program aims to improve and raise awareness of...
A student operating a drone in a field

Drone flyer diary: Philip Sargeson

Drone education – future proofing the industry Located in southeast Queensland, approximately 130 km from Brisbane, lies a charming town called Warwick. At Warwick Christian College, Philip Sargeson is a teacher who provides senior students the...

So wrong but then so right

A Qantas crew demonstrates a textbook reaction to a serious in-flight emergency. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has published its report into the failure of the left engine on a Qantas flight from Auckland...

Gold Coast airspace closures

Planning on flying in Gold Coast airspace this month?   If so, be aware there will be airspace closures between Thursday 17 August and Sunday 20 August as the city hosts the Pacific Airshow. Parking procedures...

CASA sponsorship shake-up

Something a little different is happening with CASA’s Safety Promotion sponsorship program. From today, sponsorship opportunities are now available throughout the year, rather than the previous twice yearly offering.

Stay OnTrack: Flying the Darwin region

We have developed Stay OnTrack: Flying the Darwin region to help pilots safely navigate this busy area. It adds to the other guides – for the Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Gold Coast regions – available...
Rudi and Ben working on a shoot for Maritimo using their DJI Inspire 3

Drone flyer diary: Rudi and Ben

Drone racing to Hollywood aerial photography Captivated by the world of aviation at a young age, Rudi and Ben began their drone flying careers with remote-control (RC) helicopters and custom-built drones. However, it wasn’t until the...
Mark Binskin, Georgie Chisholm and Pip Spence

Top class aviation safety in the Top End

It’s quite the transition going from the meticulous world of banking as an agribusiness bank manager to running an aviation business alongside your brother. The leap from number crunching to soaring through the skies may...
Peter from Aspect UAV flying the drone along the beach

Drone flyer diary: Melissa Hele

Managing weeds from great heights A decade of working in the environmental conservation industry has shown Melissa Hele, Sunshine Coast Council’s current Invasive Weeds Project Officer, how drones can be a valuable tool in the...

Nose gear collapse video makes strong case for upgrade

There have been a number of notable nose-over accidents on Van's aircraft but an occurrence captured on video makes strong case for owners to retrofit new stronger components. The ATSB is urging Van’s Aircraft owners...

New student guides now available

After a successful preview at the Australian International Airshow 2023 earlier this year, 2 new guides designed to help students get started in the industry are now available. The Pilot student guide and the Engineer...
Jai Bradford (left) being presented with his scholarship by Rob Whittle, Acting Section Manager of CASA’s Industry Engagement.

Flying from the pilot’s seat to soaring in safety management

The crystal waters of the Whitsundays are a siren call to many young pilots working on accruing their all-important flight hours. And it was no different for Arlie Beach-based Jai Bradford, one of our inaugural safety manager scholarship recipients.

Stay OnTrack: Flying the Melbourne region

If you’re a VFR pilot flying into Melbourne for the first time, we have good news for you. We know flying into metropolitan areas can be intimidating and nerve racking, as you share the airspace...

Don Bateman : engineer and lifesaver

When Don Bateman was a schoolboy in Canada he sneaked out of class to see the result of a collision between two military training aircraft in World War II. A teacher made him...
Andrew Tridgell setting up VTOL aircrafts with ArduPilot software

Drone flyer diary – Andrew Tridgell

The future of managing bushfires with drones The 21st century has proved that drones are highly versatile in serving a multitude of purposes. From thrilling drone racing events and stunning aerial photography to search and rescue...

Subsidy scheme for ADS-B extended

The Australian Government is extending the scheme which reduces the cost of installing safety-enhancing automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) equipment on aircraft.

Cancelled: Significant airspace restrictions – Sydney and Canberra

Airspace restrictions planned for Canberra and Sydney for 22 to 25 May have been cancelled.
Sean Innes was presented with his award by CASA Board Chair Mark Biskin recently in Cairns.

Safety first for SMS manager

It was a humble start as a baggage handler with some of Australia’s biggest commercial airlines that led to Sean Innes becoming one of our inaugural safety manager scholarship recipients.
Airvan GA-8 in poor weather conditions at Cambridge Aerodrome, Tasmania.

Flying ops quiz

You are operating a twin-engine aeroplane and plan to overfly a populous area on your departure. What is the minimum height at which you can overfly a populous area? 1000 ft above...

IKEA principles guide AME awardee

AME scholarship recipient Jack Callow says if you can put together IKEA furniture, you have probably got a great head start in aircraft engineering.

Drone flyer diary – Dominic Papasergio

Dominic Papasergio's love for all things aviation spans over 40 years, stemming from when his brother was a pilot in the United States throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

Sponsorship program now open

Here’s some help for your organisation to promote safety Does your organisation or flying club promote aviation safety? If so, then you’re invited to apply for a grant under our safety promotion sponsorship program. The program...

Engineering career ‘in the blood’ for AME recipient

When originally pursuing a career in the health industry, it wasn’t too long before aircraft maintenance engineer (AME) Sam Philpot realised he’d made a mistake. Sam – whose dad was also an aircraft engineer and...

What could you write about safety?

A $2,000 prize is being offered for the best essay about improving aviation safety. The scholarship is sponsored by CASA and the Australian Society of Air Safety Investigators, to encourage tertiary-level students studying aviation safety...

Safety study award honours Mac Job

Aviation safety pioneer and former Flight Safety Australia contributor Macarthur Job is being remembered in a way he would surely have approved of: The Australian Society of Air Safety Investigators (ASASI) and the US-based...

‘Passion is priceless’ for AME scholarship winner

A ‘can-do’ work ethic and a positive outlook has allowed James Gaha to excel in his career. He has worked hard to establish a reputation as a great engineer. ‘I’ve always strived for greatness...
Aerial view of the Gold Coast from the ocean.

IFR Operations Quiz

Test your knowledge with the new IFR operations quiz.

Making it easier to follow the rules

We’ve updated 2 of our popular guides for pilots. The new version of the Plain English guide for the general operating and flight rules makes it even easier to understand – and find – the...

Hard work pays off for engineer

If there was one thing that stood out for Hayden McDonald during his engineering apprenticeship, it was the friendships he made. ‘Strangers stuck in the same learning environment for months at a time, turn into...
A Royal Flying Doctor Service pilot studying the weather | Bureau of Meteorology

Survey of aviation services

It's time to have your say on aviation met services The Bureau of Meteorology provides meteorological services for the aviation industry. This includes international, domestic and regional airlines and general aviation. Timely, responsive and accurate meteorological...
AirSeed’s chief ecologist Charlotte Mills and chief remote pilot Ru Maka at a project site in Queensland

Drone flyer diary – Ru Maka

Combating climate change with drone technology Ru Maka has had a keen interest in drone technology since 2016. After working in a variety of drone-related roles, including at Wing delivery service, Ru is now the Chief...
Roulettes in formation

Avalon returns to southern skies

After 4 years of folded wings, Australia’s biggest aviation event – the Avalon Airshow – is finally ready for take-off. And Flight Safety Australia is celebrating with 2 special deals. Show visitors can get...

Metal failure sent wooden prop spinning

A suspected bird strike turned out to be something more worrying for aircraft operators. A Jabiru aircraft’s wooden propeller separated in flight due to extensive fatigue cracking, resulting in the fracture of the propeller bolts,...

New scholarships for engineers

Do you know anyone aspiring to become a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer (LAME)? CASA is again offering 3 aircraft maintenance engineers (AME) scholarships worth $5,000. The funding goes towards helping up-and-coming engineers achieve their CASR Part...
image: Chartair, modified by the ATSB

An unwelcome twist

A serious in-flight incident highlights the hazard posed by maintenance error, and the importance of knowledge and procedure in minimising it. A report by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) into an incident in 2021 found oil lines on an aircraft had been mistakenly transposed.
Airport ground crew check an aircraft.

Scholarships aim for safer skies

CASA is excited to announce the winners of the inaugural safety manager scholarship program. Three scholarships - worth up to $5,000 each - were awarded.

Carburettor icing led to fatal crash

This cautionary tale has lost none of its power since it was first published in 2016 The pilot and passenger died when their amateur-built Van's Aircraft RV-6 suffered engine failure on final approach to Mudgee Airport.
Graphic of a Caravan and B737 flying towards Ballina Airport

Tangle of assumptions led to separation anxiety

An unnerving incident at Ballina Airport is a stern reminder of the importance of never making assumptions about airspace, or other aircraft - and of the trap posed by assumptions you don't know you have made.
Student ambassador Josh teaching youth from Armidale about drone safety.

Drone flyer diary – Jackie Carpenter

Using drones to help students thrive through STEM Jackie Carpenter is Founding Director of the One Giant Leap Australia Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that advances science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education for students. Drones are...

Balloon collision highlights decision skills

Slow motion nightmare as the 2 balloons come together. Video courtesy ATSB. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) reported today on a collision between 2 hot air balloons near Alice Springs last year which could...

New way to subscribe to online news and alerts

We’ve made it easier for you to get the Flight Safety Australia news and information most of interest to you.

Bonza cleared for take-off

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority today issued an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) to new Australian airline Bonza after the carrier submitted final documents and successfully completed proving flights. The AOC is the regulatory approval required...
Swarm flight in progress.

Drone flyer diary – Roger Fairest

Roger Fairest is the chief remote pilot and finance manager for 'Drone That', a Brisbane-based organisation that specialises in using drones to manage vegetation across southern Queensland.
Luke getting ready to install an alternator on a A36 Bonanza

AME scholarship winner: Luke Dufficy

Aircraft maintenance engineer (AME) scholarship recipient Luke Dufficy has some sage advice for anyone contemplating a career in aircraft engineering. The scholarship provides $5,000 financial support to encourage and assist promising AMEs in their training and help them achieve a Part 66 CASR licence.

Crash highlights need for terrain warning

A terrain avoidance and warning system (TAWS) would have warned the pilot of a Cessna 404 that crashed into dunes near Lockhart River Airport in Queensland, killing 5 people on 11 March 2020, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) said yesterday.

Change of mind led to deadly flight

VFR pilots have again been urged not to ‘push on’ in poor meteorological conditions after a fatal helicopter accident in the NSW Snowy Mountains added to the grim roster of weather-related deaths. The call...
John Coulombe working with the ADF on emergency and disaster training.

Drone flyer diary – John Coulombe

John Coulombe is a California-born environmental scientist with broad experience in many industries, including being a professional firefighter in the United States and a bike mechanic in Switzerland.

Call for global focus on mental health

COVID-19 and an unsettled world have left many of us experiencing some form of mental distress in our recent lives. Despite a good awareness of the issues and a willingness to help our friends and colleagues, however, we find it hard to acknowledge our own issues and seek help. It’s Australian stoicism at its best.
Photo by Ian Leithhead. Parked Trans Australia Airlines Douglas DC-3 and Boeing P-8 Poseidon in flight overhead.

Sky’s the limit photo competition winners

Thank you to all the photographers who entered our Sky's the limit photo competition. We've had a fantastic response in the number of amazing photos submitted. Making the final selection wasn't easy. The winners will appear in the Flight Safety Australia 2023 calendar.
Helicopter flying with sunset in the background

Helicopter ops

1. Static rollover is when: one part of the undercarriage is stuck on the ground during lift-off the helicopter tips up on one undercarriage and the CG is outside the undercarriage width so the...
image: Kevin Humphreys

Smashing the mental illness stereotype

Military veteran and pilot Kevin Humphreys emerged from the shadow of mental illness by accepting his condition and dealing with it. Now he’s helping others to avoid the pitfalls he encountered. In 2006, Kevin Humphreys...
The happy drone flyers of Mueller College

Drone flyer diary – Anthony Banks

The passionate teacher creating a pathway for the pilots of the future. We first came across Anthony Banks and the great work he does at Mueller College after he shared some images with us of...

Flight Safety Australia survey results

We recently asked you for your feedback on Flight Safety Australia. We would like to thank the 792 people who took the time to complete the survey. Overall, the feedback was positive: 94% would recommend...

New scholarship launched for aviation safety managers

Anybody with a passion for aviation knows that safety is as important to the industry as oxygen is to breathing. So, superlatives aside, CASA is launching a fantastic new scholarship initiative for aviation safety managers. Three...
Kane Leussink flying his DJI Mavic Mini

Drone flyer diary – Kane Leussink

A young recreational drone flyer finds enjoyment and fun spending time outdoors and having a new perspective from the sky Kane Leussink is a 17-year-old recreational drone flyer who picked up the hobby 2 years...

Organisational factors combined with heat and winds in tanker crash

A lack of complete situational information and defined procedures contributed to the crash of a Lockheed C-130 Hercules during the catastrophic bushfires of January 2020, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s (ATSB) final report into...

World champion loops over backwards for flying club

There will be aviation entertainment for a good cause when Red Bull Air Race World Champion pilot Matt Hall gives an aerobatic display at Ballina next Saturday as a fundraiser for the nearby Northern...
Michael Pacchini is the chief remote pilot for UAVAir

Drone flyer diary – Michael Pacchini

A passionate drone pilot creating opportunities in the aviation industry for students Michael Pacchini is the chief remote pilot for UAVAir, a training provider that works with schools across Queensland, NSW and Tasmania, to teach...

Peter Lloyd, AC OBE MiD

Pilot, administrator and innovator of Australian aviation George Alfred ‘Peter’ Lloyd has died, aged 101. He passed away on Tuesday at his home at St Georges Basin, on the NSW south coast. Lloyd had a...

Stay OnTrack: Flying the Perth region

Flying into metropolitan areas can be intimidating and nerve racking, as you share the airspace with a diverse mix of traffic. CASA recently developed Stay OnTrack: Flying the Gold Coast Region and Stay OnTrack: Flying...

Crashed helicopter had landed but took off again under cloud

A privately operated helicopter that crashed in Kosciuszko National Park, NSW, killing the two people on board had landed earlier in the day as weather closed in, but taken off again, the Australian Transport...
The sky's the limit photo competition

Over $3500 in prizes as photo contest takes off

Budding aviation photographers could take home a gift card worth up to $500 and get their work published in our Flight Safety Australia calendar by entering our new competition. We're looking for photographs showcasing any...
image saying 'CASA sponsorship

Safety promotion sponsorship

Program now open for applications CASA’s safety promotion sponsorship program for this year is now open. It’s an opportunity to support aviation organisations or individuals who want to advance and promote aviation safety. Sponsorship usually takes the...

Stay OnTrack: Flying the Brisbane region

Stay OnTrack: Flying the Brisbane region is the latest in a series of guides being developed by CASA to help pilots navigate busy metropolitan areas around Australia. Flying in these areas can be challenging, as...

Drone flyer diary – Isaac Mannion

Drones successfully engaging STEM students in the classroom Isaac Mannion is a dedicated science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) teacher at Riverina Anglican College, Wagga Wagga. The school has students from grades 7 to 10,...

New regulatory roadmap for drones and advanced air mobility in Australia

We’re paving the way for remotely piloted aircraft (drones) and advanced air mobility (AAM) in Australia with our new regulatory roadmap. With the rapidly growing popularity and innovative advancements in this industry, the roadmap outlines...

Tackling one wetland at a time

Mitigating the mosquito issue with drones – reducing risk and cost and improving efficiency The City of Bayswater Council is working closely with drone specialist OmniDrone to combat mosquito breeding within the Berringa and Baigup...
Airvan flying along the coast

Ballina airspace review

CASA is seeking comments on the draft airspace review of Ballina, New South Wales. The review was conducted to assess current risks and propose solutions. The draft review has identified 3 areas of concern: frequency...
Cover image: John Fardoulis using an industrial drone to find buried landmines by measuring temperature anomalies in the sand — more than 30,000 landmines remain active at that location in northern Chad

Drone flyer diary – John Fardoulis

For John Fardoulis, it was discontent with his career in business and publishing that led him to his dream job as an international specialist using drones in hazardous environments for humanitarian purposes. John’s motivation for...
Flight training instructor and student in the cockpit of a light aircraft

Pilots urged to be aware of Ballina radio changes

Flying in and around Ballina, Lismore, Casino and Evans Head? New radio frequencies are being introduced to ease congestion and improve safety around these aerodromes. The changes have been informed by industry feedback, including extensive engagement...
Mark Binskin, Frank Watkins and Pip Spence

Frank fixes so others can fly

Frank Watkins recently received his CASA 2021 scholarship certificate from CASA Board Chair Mark Binskin. The opportunity to present Frank with his certificate in person arose when the Board held their recent meeting in Adelaide,...
person flying a drone

Five tips when hiring a drone professional

More and more industries are now using drones to improve their business. From farming and mining to wedding photographers and search and rescue, they are all using drones to improve their day-to-day business – saving...

Drone technology – the next step forward for safer beaches

A shark is spotted. The alarm echoes. You run out of the water. You’re safe! Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when a shark appears in nearby waters? Recently we spoke to...
Scarlett McNab at an ATC console

Scarlett’s choice: a life in ATC

Playing three-dimensional chess with real aircraft for pieces isn’t for everyone, but Scarlett McNab excelled, despite no background in aviation. Most people who become air traffic controllers have a Diploma in Aviation or are...

Flight Safety Australia winter edition out soon

This winter we explore electric vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft, plan an air safari, revisit a de Havilland Mosquito crash from 1944 and learn lessons from a reader when they tell of a ‘Close call’...

Preparing for tomorrow’s skies, today

Are you working on something new for aviation? If so, we’d love to hear from you. We’re calling on designers, manufacturers, inventors and other people and organisations with an interest to help us identify new...
Jaiden and his business partner Byron Leal flying their DJI Phantom 4 drone

Drone flyer diary – Jaiden Maclean

A new perspective on drone fishing catches on It all started with a blog – Sea Ulcer – that captured the ocean adventures of 4 mates. Jaiden Maclean, his brother Brody and friends Sam and Keaton...
Light sport aircraft on display. © CASA

Cut-price ADS-B to boost safety

Owners of general aviation and recreational aircraft don’t have to wait until June to take advantage of a federal government rebate slashing by up to half the cost of installing safety-enhancing automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast...
From left: CASA Principal Medical Officer Dr Kate Manderson, with award winners Wun Lam Wun and Angelique Wallworth

‘I just want to fly’

Many high flyers descended on Hobart last week for the Australian Women Pilots’ Association conference. The theme for 2022 was ‘Bass Strait and beyond’. The conference featured a range of inspiring guest speakers and several...
image: courtesy Mclarens Aviation

The challenge of flood-damaged aircraft

It isn’t just houses and businesses that fell foul of the recent flooding and torrential rain plaguing Australia’s East Coast – aircraft also were caught. The question then is whether to write off an aeroplane...

Applying for a medical certificate? Avoid the CASA queue

It’s a common misconception that all medical certificate applications and renewals must be reviewed and approved by CASA. For class 1 applicants and people with certain conditions, that’s true. But if you’re applying for a class...
Poor weather conditions at Cambridge Aerodrome, Tasmania. © CASA

Don’t go if you don’t know

As Australia continues to be battered by bouts of extreme weather, visual flight rules (VFR) pilots are being exhorted to avoid ‘get-there-itis’ The eternal question of ‘to fly or not to fly’ has been a...

Maddy ‘humbled’ by scholarship success

Jetstar Airways aircraft maintenance engineer Maddy Candy couldn’t recommend a better career if she tried. Maddy is one of our 6 CASA 2021 scholarship holders currently working on their Part 66 AME licence and, like...

Pitot covers left on made for tense BUSS ride

The pilots of an airliner that took off from Brisbane Airport were confronted by a complete lack of airspeed information after covers were left in place on all three pitot tubes. The Malaysia Airlines Airbus...
Qantas Captain Debbie Slade

The flight deck is female

Debbie Slade began her flying career by shooing sheep off a grassy paddock to do circuit training Closing the gate on the sheep was long before she held the rank of Captain and became one...
Drone safety classroom resources now available

Drone safety to be taught in schools

School students across Australia can build their skills as next-generation pilots through an innovative safety campaign being launched by CASA Children represent a growing proportion of the record numbers of Australians buying and flying drones...
Yvette Payne at work. © Yvette Payne

An engineer’s journey: Yvette Payne

On this International Women's day, I bet you can count on one hand how many women in your sphere have a textbook on engines and power plants on their nightstand. Yvette Payne does. She is a...
(L to R) Flight Engineer Barry Townley-Freeman, Captain Eric Moody and First Officer Roger Greaves. Image courtesy Eric Moody.

Captain Moody’s wisdom: ‘the aeroplane might break any minute’

Airmanship may sound old school but former British Airways captain Eric Moody argues it is just as important now as it was when he and his crew struggled to restart all 4 engines on...
One of Skycam Media’s experienced drone pilot onsite preparing for flight.

Drone flyer diary – Dean Casciato

Drones reduce safety risks across a range of industries After working in commercial TV as a camera assistant for 15 years, Dean Casciato decided to apply his knowledge of aerial imaging to the latest airborne...

Heavy metal and the light brigade

The best in general aviation and airline flying have important operational lessons for each other. General aviation (GA) and airline transport represent opposite ends of a spectrum. About the only thing they have in common...
Deborah Dewar. © Deborah Dewar

AME Scholarship winner: Deborah Dewar

Working hard and letting your work speak for itself is the advice from AME Scholarship recipient Deborah Dewar. Deborah, a B2 licensed engineer at Premiair Aviation, is one of our 6 2021 CASA scholarship holders...

Whittling down the crash rate

Rob Whittle is stepping into some big shoes when he conducts the Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s AvSafety seminars in Murwillumbah in northern New South Wales. The airfield is named after Rob’s namesake, Bob Whittle (no...

Preparing for the future in simulation

Flight safety training with only a fraction of the cost and risk With the world still in the grip of a global pandemic, aviation continues to face historically unique challenges in areas such as pilot...

The lessons of history: how resilience distilled from experience saved QF32

Pilot development An unlikely connection between Apollo 13 and a Qantas A380 crippled by a catastrophic engine failure underscores the value of learning from the experience of others Crisis for Apollo 13 came in the depths...

Drone flyer diary – Sue Osborn

By Sarah Guttler Imagine coordinating the largest drone light display in the southern hemisphere In early January, this became a reality for Sue Osborn from Mirragin RAS Consulting, the chief remote pilot for Sydney’s ELEVATE SkyShow. This...
Pilot in the cockpit of an aaircraft

Remember to speak up for safety

ROY G. BIV has long been one of the world’s most colourful characters, while astronomers were once happy to declare that many volcanoes erupt mulberry jam sandwiches under normal pressure. Mnemonics have been around since...

Android RePL now available

Android users are now able to store a digital copy of their remote pilot licence (RePL) on their devices, using Google Pay. Previously, a digital licence could only be downloaded by iOS users with Apple...
Preelan Naidoo

Supporting the next generation – Preelan Naidoo

Aircraft maintenance engineer (AME) Preelan Naidoo says receiving one of CASA’s highly sought after scholarships at RotorTech 2021 earlier this year was an experience ‘I could have never dreamt of’. ‘It was so surreal, having...

Drone flyer diary – Debbie Saunders

As she searches from the skies, Dr Debbie Saunders can be on the lookout for animals as diverse as missing koalas, endangered Vietnamese pangolins and even the mysterious New Zealand kakapo. Debbie is the chief...

Patty Wagstaff: The sky’s not the limit – it’s your attitude

In this interview, American aviator Patty Wagstaff gives her tips for staying safe in the skies Patty Wagstaff might be one of the world’s most recognised female aerobatic pilots, but she’s much like the rest...

Now available – guides to help pilots comply with new flight ops rules

Guides designed to help pilots and operators understand the rules of the air have been updated and refreshed to reflect the new operating rules which came into effect on 2 December. They are a fully reviewed and...

Review the changes in the AIP 

With the new flight operations regulations coming into effect tomorrow, you’ll see some changes in the 2 December 2021 Aeronautical Information Publication.   The majority of the changes will be to provide updated regulatory references throughout the document.  There...
FSA Christmas promo

Give the gift of safety this Christmas!

Looking for the perfect gift for the aviator in your life? Or perhaps like to treat yourself this festive season? Then grab this Flight Safety Australia magazine Christmas deal! Nine out of 10 readers, just...
person looking at a drone safety app on their mobile phone

New drone safety apps

Five new CASA-verified drone safety apps are now available for recreational and commercial drone operators to download and use. The apps give users location-based information with easy-to-use maps about where you can and can't fly...

Chilling warning for Summer flyers

Icing is a year-round hazard, as a recent Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) report makes unsettlingly clear. On 19 December 2019, a turbine powered Cessna P210N departed Bankstown Airport, in Sydney, for a private flight...
Phil De Glanville | image: supplied

Drone Flyer Diary – Phil De Glanville

Accelerating from designer to award-winning drone photographer Phil De Glanville’s reputation as a leading photographer took flight when he was named a category winner in the 2021 Siena International Photo Awards. His breathtaking entry...
Fire fighting helicopter dropping water against a smoky orange sky.

Stay away from bushfires

With the bushfire season already upon us, it’s time to remind all pilots – commercial, recreational and drone – to stay away from bushfires and not risk getting in the way of emergency services. While...
Nathan Parker after passing his commercial pilot licence flight test in May 2020. image: supplied

When one door closes, another opens

Flying a plane can be intense at the best of times – you’re hyper aware of your surroundings, intently monitoring your systems and listening closely on your radio for nearby aircraft. It can be...
Production Company Owner, Corey Roberts filming from a helicopter in the early days of his career.

Drone Flyer Diary – Corey Roberts

Architect’s career takes off with drones For many commercial drone operators, flying drones was once a hobby that merged into something more. For Corey Roberts, flying drones presented as an opportunity later in life and has...

Safety is always our destination

Airport safety week, which begins today, is tailored specifically to engage with people working on an aerodrome. It is a collaboration between the Australian Airports Association and the NZ Airports Association. The campaign encourages staff and...
Two maintenance engineers in aircraft hangar examining dismantled part

Sponsorship grants are now available

CASA’s general sponsorship program is now open. It’s an opportunity to support aviation organisations or individuals that want to advance and promote aviation safety. Sponsorship usually takes the form of financial support. It can also involve...
Jabiru J120

RAAus promotion month puts safety front and centre

October is Recreational Aviation Australia’s (RAAus) National Safety Month, a serendipitous bit of timing, given that lockdowns are easing in eastern Australia. The theme of the first of the 4 weeks of safety information...
Adam Grant with drone

Drone Flyer Diary – Adam Grant

Drone operation offers ‘next level’ skillset In this edition of Drone Flyer Diary, we talk to Canberra cinematographer Adam Grant about how drones are fast becoming the drawcard of today’s professional toolkit.  Having owned and operated...
Rolls-Royce electric

Rolls-Royce flies in electric style

The future of aviation will be at least partially electric. For many this conjures up grim visions of autonomous insect-like drones and urban air vehicles blackening the skies like a scene from a Terminator...
Gold Coast booklet

Stay OnTrack: Flying the Gold Coast region

Flying into the Gold Coast is a unique experience – pilots with a range of flying skills share the airspace with a diverse mix of air traffic. CASA recently developed a handy new booklet, Stay...
logo for flying straight podcast

Flying straight

Pilots who are fighting an addiction can seek confidential help to save their careers Hylton Ward, a charter operator based in Winton in north-west Queensland, admits his heavy drinking threatened his flying career. ‘I didn't start...
Farewell voyage of the icebreaker Aurora Australis from Hobart.

Drone Flyer Diary – Craig Garth

Flying high for local government In this edition of Drone Flyer Diaries, we talk to Tasmanian drone pilot Craig Garth about finding his professional wings at the City of Hobart. Since starting in the role as...

Staying true: bulletin covers compass maintenance

It vies with the wind-indicating tuft of wool for the title of simplest aircraft instrument, requires no power source and is always on standby. Ground or satellite systems may fail, but the magnetic compass...

Investigator seeks help from helicopter industry

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is asking for help from pilots, operators and engineers with knowledge of aft tail cone bulkhead or tail rotor gearbox input cartridge damage involving Robinson R22, R44 and R66...

Forgotten tool led to rejected take-off

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s latest aviation report deals with one of aviation’s oldest human factors hazards. On 23 October 2020, a Jetstar Airways Airbus A320 was taking off from Brisbane when the crew reported...
Benjamin Dunk

Sights set up to the sky

While most people think of pilots flying passengers around the world on commercial airlines, there are many more diverse career paths in aviation.    To celebrate National Science Week, check out recreational pilot licence holder Benjamin Dunk’s path to becoming...

TAF review: what’s happening with the weather

In Australia, aerodrome forecasts (terminal area forecasts, TAFs) are funded by a meteorological service charge (MSC) levied on the aviation industry. To ensure this paid service is provided with the best efficiency, fairness and...
image | Ricketts Point, Chris Robert Perry

Drone Flyer Diary – Victorian Drone Flyers

‘We were just two guys flying drones in an empty paddock,’ says Chris Robert Perry, describing the humble beginnings of the Victorian Drone Flyers Facebook group (formerly known as Melbourne Drone Flyers). Founding member Chris,...

Celebrated pilot killed in warbird crash

The US Navy pilot whose skill and flamboyance were the inspiration for the film Top Gun has been killed in the crash of a turbine warbird. Retired navy aviator Dale ‘Snort’ Snodgrass died on Saturday...
Pilot career guide

Pilot career guide out now

Fast forward to the near future (post COVID-19) when the aviation industry is back in full flight: it’s estimated nearly 265,000 pilots will be needed across the globe in the next decade. And while many...

The lessons of a nervous afternoon

A recent report from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is a reminder that diligent weather planning is important for every flight in a VFR aircraft. It’s the story of an instructor and student...

Nominations open for CASA Wings Awards

We’re continuing our support of Australian Flying’s CASA Wings Awards through our sponsorship program.  The program aims to improve and raise awareness of the importance of aviation safety for the benefit of the wider aviation community.  Peter Hales, the 2020 recipient of the...

Drone Flyer Diary – Adam Smith

Drone photographer Adam Smith’s Instagram feed is an influencer’s dream: curated scenes of stunning sunsets, swarming sharks and wonderous whales. Adam travels extensively along the West Australian coastline, just waiting for the right moment to...

Vintage Canberra back in the air

The RAAF’s English Electric Canberra has returned to the air, making its first flight in 11 years this week. On Monday 28 June the Cold War jet bomber made its first flight after being fitted...

Left unspoken

When National Transportation Safety Board investigators investigated a crash that killed 10 people, they were confronted by a terrible silence. About 11 minutes after 9 on a Sunday morning, the 9-1-1 emergency line in Dallas,...

CASA lifts Bristell restrictions

CASA has lifted restrictions preventing Bristell Light Sport Aircraft self-certified by BRM Aero Ltd from being used in stall training. This advice was provided to all Bristell owners and operators via an updated safety notice....

Helicopter pilot lost control in darkness over water

The pilot of a helicopter that crashed, killing 5 people, was not qualified to fly at night, and lost control after encountering the combination of turbulence and reduced visibility, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s...
CASA CEO Pip Spence with AME scholarship recipients, Preelan Naidoo, left, and Deborah Dewar, right.

Winners of engineers’ scholarships

We’re excited to announce the recipients of our first-ever aircraft maintenance engineer (AME) scholarships.   Preelan Naidoo, Madison Candy, Daniel Catterall, Deborah Dewar, James Doyle and Frank Watkins will each receive a $5000 scholarship to help them get their Part 66 licence.   Rob...
Opera House

Drone Flyer Diary – Andrew Reitsma

While Qantas' A380s continue to hibernate in the Mojave Desert in the USA, the staff who flew these magnificent birds are not sitting idle. Pilot Andrew Reitsma has seized the COVID-19 standdown as a catalyst...
The wreckage of a light aircraft on a beach.

Close ‘Call us’

We know the aviation community loves to learn from others’ mistakes – that’s why we publish Close calls. If you’ve got a story to tell, but your hands are still shaking too much to write...

myCASA slashes admin time

Douglas Heath, the Managing Director of Aircraft Australia, says the ease of accessing CASA services while on the road has proven invaluable. Based in Queensland, the company provides flight training for people embarking on their...

Drone Flyer Diary – Grant Cameron

Using 'tech for good' is a mantra drone operator Grant Cameron likes to live by. Kamilaroi man Grant is manager of the Indigenous Digital Excellence (IDX) Initiative. The program aims to unlock digital world opportunities –...

Don’t get caught out by codeine

Two people in safety-sensitive aviation roles have recently tested positive to codeine. With the cold and flu season upon us, this is a timely reminder that codeine is only available with a doctor’s prescription and...
Thomas Bitmatta with drones he flies: (left) a JS-1 racing drone; (right) the XM2 Interceptor designed for shooting videos.

Drone Flyer Diary – Thomas and Paul Bitmatta 

Back in the day, typical father-son bonding activities probably brought to mind fishing, camping and working on cars. The hands-on hobbies involving building and technical skills still prevail, but now you’re more likely to be tinkering with a drone than...
Broken Hill airport. Image: Phil Vabre

Women pilots gather for outback conference

Broken Hill airport will be crowded this weekend as women pilots converge on the historic mining city to learn more about flying safely in the outback. They are attending the annual conference of the Australian...

Mars helicopter carries Wright stuff on first flight

A small piece of the first heavier than atmosphere aircraft to make a powered controlled flight on Earth will be on board the first aircraft to make a powered controlled flight on Mars. When...
From left: Hudson, Boomerang, Harvard and Wirraway. image: Stuart Ferguson

CASA employee in RAAF centenary fly-past

By Sarah Guttler When a swarm of aircraft flew over Canberra recently to celebrate the RAAF’s centenary, CASA employee Mick Poole was privileged to participate. He was flying the Wirraway from the Temora Aviation Museum, where...
Piloted electric aircraft to be bought by UPS

Electric freighters on order

International logistics company UPS will buy up to 150 piloted electric aircraft for short-range deliveries, with the first expected to fly in 2024. UPS’s Flight Forward division this week announced it would take delivery of...

RAAF fills sky for centenary fly-past

CASA and Flight Safety Australia are about civil aviation but the Royal Australian Air Force, while obviously military, has had a profound influence on civil aviation in Australia. The RAAF trained thousands of pilots...
drone safety sign at Alice Springs airport

CASA sponsors drone safety signs

A new round of sponsorship to promote drone safety is now open. CASA is accepting applications from individuals, organisations, local government councils and airports to support the production and installation of drone safety signs to...
The instruments in the cockpit of a Cessna 172

Tell us what equipment you have on board

We want to better understand pilots who fly VFR so we know how potential airspace changes may affect you. Therefore, we would like to know what types of surveillance and communication equipment you use, how...
Octocopter drone flying against a dusk sky.

Drones – beyond visual line of sight ops

CASA is developing guidance to help drone pilots conduct operations beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). Currently, we assess these applications from holders of a remotely piloted aircraft operator’s certificate (ReOC) on a case-by-case basis....
Sally Scott, CFI (Chief Flying Instructor) at North Queensland Aero Club (NQAC) preparing for take off in a Cessna 172N.

Reporting – why it’s important

Most aviators know why it’s important to report the big things, but what about those smaller issues? These are the  ones that could lead to larger issues if left unreported, such as radio congestion or...

A familiar sad story

Like countless others, a private pilot with decades of experience died when he flew into cloud and became spatially disorientated. It was no good. The pilot decided to turn back. Low cloud made VFR flight...
Racing drones taking off from the starting blocks at a Canberra Multirotor Racing Club race day.

Drone Flyer Diaries – Henry Corbell 

It was a YouTube video captured in a French forest that first caught the eye of Henry Corbell, a young tech enthusiast from Canberra. The footage depicted three drones pursuing each other, twisting and turning,...
Jade King, drone operator and finger lime farmer.

Drone Flyer Diaries – Jade King 

If you found yourself watching MasterChef last year (both the adults and kids’ versions), you may have noticed Australian native foods were at the forefront of some amazing and creative dishes: wattleseed, Davidson plums, warrigal greens and the intriguing finger lime.  If...
Route of seaplane

Seaplane report prompts exhaust gas warning

Carbon monoxide poisoned the pilot of the tourist seaplane that crashed in Jerusalem Bay, north of Sydney, on New Year’s Eve 2017, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has found. The ATSB report, issued today,...
female aero engineer

Engineers scholarship now open

Do you know of any aspiring licensed aircraft maintenance engineers (LAMEs) currently working on their CASA Part 66 aircraft maintenance engineers (AME) licence?  We’re offering a fantastic opportunity – three scholarships worth up to $5000 each to AMEs who demonstrate a...
drone registration

Drone registration and operator accreditation – it’s the law

If you fly a drone or remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) for business or as part of your job, it must be registered and its operator accredited with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) before...

Forked runway, split attention

A Virgin Australia ATR 72 crew’s attempt to take off from the wrong runway at Canberra Airport exposed several procedural and human factors issues, the ATSB report into the incident has found. On the evening...

Drone Flyer Diaries – Amanda Meys

With CASA’s commercial drone registration deadline just around the corner, Amanda Meys, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation’s (CSIRO) chief remote pilot, was keen to get the process done. ‘It wasn’t the daunting process...

Flying ops quiz

Carburettor heat is provided to combat icing within the carburettor and induction system and directs heated air into the carburettor inlet. The alternate air control is: usually provided on fuel-injected engines and offers...
A Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) air traffic controller in Townsville air traffic control tower

Don’t bust it – avoiding controlled and restricted airspace

Controlled airspace is always changing, whether it’s new runways and airports or changes to instrument flight procedures. Operational needs or an increase in traffic may also result in airspace that you were once able...
Close up of a Aeroprakt A-22 Foxbat ultralight instrument panel

Top tips for radio calls

Over the summer months, more people are in the skies enjoying the great weather and sharing the airwaves with a variety of traffic – large, small, fast and slow. To ensure your radio calls are...
Airvan flying along the coast

Look out, listen in and speak up at Ballina

It’s important for everyone who uses this airport to be on their best game If you want to see the variety of aviation in Australia, go to Ballina Byron Gateway Airport. Five airlines fly to the...
image saying 'CASA sponsorship

Snake – but not quite on a plane

A brown snake slithers across the floor inside the Atherton Aero Club during its first CASA-sponsored community aviation safety seminar, scattering its socially distanced members across the room. ‘I was sitting right next to the...

Happy 100th birthday to Peter Lloyd, AC OBE MiD

A familiar and seemingly eternal presence in Australian aviation safety has notched up a remarkable milestone.  G. A. ‘Peter’ Lloyd celebrates his 100th birthday today, 15 December.  He marked his centenary yesterday with a...

Chuck Yeager 1923–2020

Chuck Yeager, the first pilot to fly faster than the speed of sound, died today. He was 97. His death severs the last living link with the  pioneering age of aviation. In 1947 Yeager flew...

Cabin safety quiz

As a passenger, do you know what to do in an emergency? We introduce some of the safety features and procedures that cabin crew use to protect passenger safety. In case of an emergency evacuation...
Liberty XL-2 wreckage, Braidwood, 2019

Yet again: out of a clear blue sky

It’s one of the saddest stories in aviation, and the most enduring. Since the first publication of an aircraft crash investigation in 1912 countless others have recounted the same narrative: an aeroplane stalls at...

Aircraft were metres from disaster

What would in all probability have been Australia’s worst aviation disaster was narrowly avoided at Albury in NSW in October 2019. A training aircraft and a regional turboprop on short final to Albury Airport...
adult female green turtles at Raine Island

Drone Flyer Diaries – Andrew Dunstan

Back in July, the world’s media was captivated by mesmerising drone footage of thousands upon thousands of white-striped turtles swimming through the Great Barrier Reef. The vision went viral but, for the researcher behind...

The secrets behind the flying radar ‘roo

As our national airline celebrates 100 years, here’s a special gift to avgeeks everywhere–the inside story of the famous ‘roo in the sky Many years from now, when the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic is...
A wet taxiway labeled with the words Wingspan Max 12M at Canberra Airport in August 2020. Taxiway and unserviceability cones appear on the grass next to the taxiway.

Managing safety at aerodromes

New regulations mean some aerodromes will need to develop their first safety management system (SMS) and many aerodromes will need to review their existing one. However, according to a CASA expert, it may mean...
Aerial view of a Piper and Cessna lined up on the taxiway at Cairns Airport.

Watch out for debris at airports

Today’s theme for Airport safety week is foreign object debris (FOD)—the potential for damage to aircraft and what aerodromes can do to prevent it. FOD damage is estimated to cost the aviation industry $4 million...

We are in this together, for Airport Safety Week

Airport Safety Week kicks off today and, for the first time, we’re joining forces with the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) and Airservices Australia. The safety week is run annually by the Australian Airports Association...

Shark spotter drone warns surfer

Summer is officially nearly two months away, but drones are already proving their worth in detecting sharks near Australian beaches. Drone footage emerged last week showing a great white shark measuring about 2.5 metres menacing...
sports aircraft

RAAus National Safety Month

Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus) is conducting a campaign this month that will interest people from all streams of aviation. There's $10,000 worth of giveaways up for grabs during the month, some of which are open...
The cover of the December edition of Flight Safety Australia magazine

Coming up in Summer in Flight Safety Australia

The theme of the Summer edition of Flight Safety Australia is how to have a safe and enjoyable return to GA flying as pandemic restrictions gradually ease. Our writers discuss how pilots can deal with...
Wayne Condon

Preparing for the bushfire season  

In the wake of the devastating 2019–20 bushfire season, fire crews and emergency services across the country have been busily preparing as summer approaches. In Queensland, fire crews, park and wildlife and forestry staff have...
Female pilots in cockpit speaking to instructor

The dangers of a brief debrief

Learning to fly may be one of the steepest learning curves you embrace in your lifetime. An instructor can make the difference between a student thriving and a student giving up and walking away. As...

Turbulence on day of tanker crash

Winds and turbulence on the day a Lockheed C-130 Hercules crashed in the Snowy Mountains were strong enough to provoke a 45-degree uncommanded roll in a Boeing 737 and trigger that aircraft’s windshear alert. The...

Maker offers rides in urban air vehicle

Want a quick ride in the (possible) future of aviation? Got 300 euro ($A489.42) to spare? Then you too can enjoy 15 minutes of urban air mobility in an Asian or European city. Electric urban...
Bombardier Learjet 60XR

Safety management and COVID-19

Aircraft do not get sick from viruses but nonetheless COVID-19 is an aviation hazard. The virus has brought many challenges for aviation organisations, each of which has the potential to get past existing safety risk...
Cessna 172

Have your say on the 2020 TAF review

An aerodrome forecast (TAF) is a statement of meteorological conditions expected in the airspace within a radius of five nautical miles of the aerodrome reference point for a specific validity period. It is one of...
Cessna 172R flying at sunset.

AvSafety seminars are returning

CASA is slowly recommencing the schedule for the popular AvSafety seminars, with the advertised dates remaining tentative until the event is open for registration. The first seminar in the new series was held at Gawler...
French competitor Melanie Gadoulet in action at the Women's World Gliding Championships at Lake Keepit in January this year, where she won the 18-metre class championship. Photo: John Hoye.

When the tug overpowers the glider

The author warns about gliders spearing off to one side at launch and, on a couple of occasions, being written off. By James Cooper I once stopped within a metre of a tree when launching at...
Illustration: Juanita Franzi

Remembering the victims of the Canberra Hudson disaster

Eighty years ago today—August 13, 1940—an air crash in Canberra around 11 am decapitated Australia’s wartime government. On board the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Lockheed Hudson were 10 people—three cabinet ministers, the Chief of...

IFR operations

Refer to the YSWG ILS-Y 23 approach chart. 1 You are currently tracking inbound on the 080°R WG VOR. Your GPS shows a distance of 20 nm. You are at 6000 ft and intend...
SkyEcho2 low-cost ADS-B

Low-cost ADS-B

See. Be Seen. Avoid. It’s a simple principle that CASA is encouraging all visual flight rules (VFR) pilots should adopt. To assist in being ‘seen’, there is now an easy and relatively cheaper option using automatic dependent surveillance broadcast (ADS-B) technology. While all instrument flight rules (IFR) aircraft must...
Qantas 747

Queen of the sky makes graceful exit

A piece of Australian aviation history leaves our shores today, on its way to a Californian aircraft boneyard. It is the last flight of a Qantas Boeing 747. At 2 pm, Qantas flight 7474 will...
Air traffice control desk and headphones

Frequency congestion

The key to safety when using the radio in your aircraft is to pause before speaking. The discipline of a moment’s silence between keying the microphone and starting to speak can make a huge...

Small cameras in aircraft: take care of your selfie

In the 20th century the notion of putting high-resolution movie cameras capable of shooting at 60 frames per second and recording stereo sound into an aircraft cockpit, or on its wing, would have been...
Pilots in the cockpit

The mental health and wellbeing of the aviation industry

By Capt. Laurie Shaw The dichotomy of the present global situation is that the aviation industry is designed to connect people while, at the same time, COVID-19 forced directives and recommendations to disconnect people to...
Pre-flight checklist

To begin at the beginning

In my first year as a student, I had an encounter with an instructor with a difference. Old school, ex-air force and a collector of vintage whizz wheels, this gentleman, whom I nicknamed Major...

Warning on carbon monoxide poisoning

CASA has issued an Airworthiness Bulletin on preventing carbon monoxide poisoning in piston-engine aircraft. This follows indications that the pilot of a float plane that crashed near Sydney in late 2017 may have been affected by...

Virus recovery: EASA considers what could possibly go wrong

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has turned its attention to the many potential safety issues associated with aviation emerging from Covid-19 lockdown. The regulator has published a comprehensive Review of aviation safety...

Quick trim and a close shave

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has cited cockpit design as a factor in a trim runaway incident to a Royal Flying Doctor Service Pilatus PC-12 NG. A doctor onboard the aircraft had to...

Impromptu flight ended in spin

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has published the final chapter in a sad story: the crash of a Russian Yak-9 replica warbird that killed its pilot. On the day of the crash, 7 September...
Flight Safety Australia survey

What’s your feedback on Flight Safety Australia?

Flight Safety Australia is CASA’s flagship aviation safety magazine. Take our survey to help us better provide the kind of publication you want. This will take about 5-10 minutes to complete. The survey invites feedback on both...
A cracked rotor blade found after a Robinson R22 made a precautionary landing in December 2016.

Vibration signalled rotor blade crack

An observant and quick-thinking helicopter pilot probably saved their life by landing soon after noticing unusual vibrations. A subsequent inspection of the Robinson R22 Beta found a crack in one of the main rotor...

Bureau completes aviation forecasting transformation

The Bureau of Meteorology has completed its three-year program to improve weather forecasting for the aviation industry. It has created aviation specialist roles and established two Aviation Forecasting Centres (AFCs), one in Brisbane and...

Wireless speaker and a loud crashing sound

From the US comes the latest domestic item to join the list of dangerous foreign object debris (FOD) items. A wireless audio speaker, used for listening to music on a smartphone is the prime...
Airbus A350 cockpit

Cups running over creates hazard

Tea and coffee have joined the list of aviation hazards—after official warnings and even an officially approved countermeasure. Airbus has developed a cover for switches on the central pedestal in the A350 flight deck to...

Coming up this winter in Flight Safety Australia

Flight Safety Australia’s team of local and international contributors have plenty in store for you this winter. This week we will analyse the impact of the COVID-19 event on aviation and some of the safety...
The crashed Superjet

Virus delays completion of Superjet crash inquiry

If not for COVID-19, the full details about last year’s landing accident of a Sukhoi Superjet 100 at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport that killed 41 people would have been made available by now. A news...
Piper Warrior

Fit to fly

Safety tips for GA flying post COVID-19 You love to fly and have felt bored and trapped in lockdown. But taking off again will require more than an informal ‘kick-the-tyres-and-light-the fires’ ritual, and more even...
Brisbane airport

New runways bring airspace changes to south-east Qld

Two new runways, at Brisbane Airport and Sunshine Coast Airport mean changes in airspace procedures that all pilots in the area need to be aware of. Brisbane has completed its new 3300 m runway...
Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II

Read all about it – new VFRG

Doing it ‘by the book’ is one of the foundations of safe flying and, for general aviation, ‘the book’ is CASA’s Visual Flight Rules Guide (VFRG). The latest version 6.2 of the VFRG is...
Carburettor icing probability chart

A chilling prospect: carburettor ice

‘Winter is coming,’ has entered the language as a motto from a popular but violent television fantasy series. Nonetheless, it’s a useful phrase in the real world of general aviation at this time of...
air traffic controller at work

Don’t keep it to yourself: safety reporting

Aviation is a large and diverse industry. No matter what role you perform, you play an important part in the safety of the sector. Through our day-to-day activities, we will hear or see things that...
a sky diver

Skydivers take control

​First regulatory certificate issued for Part 149 A milestone in Australian aviation has been marked with the first regulatory certificate issued to a self-administering sport and recreational aviation organisation. The Australian Parachute Federation has been issued...
A row of aircraft

Maintaining your skills in isolation

If you’re a frustrated flyer, grounded by the social distancing requirements to keep everyone safe, there are still activities and study you can do to help maintain your aviation skills. How about ‘virtual flying’, brushing...
Aviator Senja Robey

Remembering Senja Robey

Senja Robey, an Australian aviation icon, professional pilot and extraordinary instructor, died recently, aged 93. She had been inducted into the Australian Aviation Hall of Fame in November 2014 for her achievements. Senja began her flying...
An Austrian Airlines aircraft

When Austria met Australia—repatriation flights    

Let’s be honest—the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the face of aviation as we normally know it.  With domestic and international passenger flights all but grounded, there’s been (and still is) a flux of repatriation flights...

Jabiru joins fight against virus

Australian recreational aircraft producer Jabiru has joined the greatest industrial mobilisation of recent times by turning to making medical face shields. The company is using 3D printing to make the shields, which protect medical...
Propeller of an aircraft

Cleaning hot spots

If you’re lucky enough to still be flying, safety should be your top priority during the pandemic. Aircraft cleanliness is now more important than ever and Recreational Aviation Australia shared some great advice for its members that...
Australian Lightwing GR 912 light sport aircraft

Timely bulletin has advice for engine preservation

An airworthiness bulletin published three years ago is worth a read if you are considering laying up your aircraft in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. First, it’s important to state that CASA has imposed no...
Jackie Dujmovic flying a drone

Drone diaries – Jackie Dujmovic

For Jackie Dujmovic, the career transition to drone operator was a no brainer. After spending years working at sea in the international global maritime industry and following the birth of her first son, she came...

Test your knowledge on flying operations

How well do you know aviation and aviation safety? Test your knowledge with the CASA quizzes.   1 When a low pressure system is present over the Tasman Sea and there is a high pressure system...
Artwork about hand sanitiser showing message 'Do not send'.

A reminder on hand sanitiser

Authorities are warning about the dangers of sending bulk quantities of hand sanitiser by air or mail. This follows a sharp rise in hand sanitiser being found as undeclared dangerous goods in connection with the...
Woman preparing to fly a drone.

Test your knowledge on drones

How well do you know the rules about flying your drone? For instance, can you fly over a crowded beach to get that great sunset video? You can test your knowledge of the rules when...
Vacant desk of an air traffic controller

Communicating with air traffic control

Making radio calls can be quite daunting, especially for new pilots. However, communication with air traffic control (ATC), where safety-critical information is exchanged between pilots and air traffic controllers, need not be a difficult...

Don’t miss the Autumn edition of FSA

Subscribers to the latest edition of Flight Safety Australia are reading about how pilots are using tablet computer-based electronic flight bags—EFBs. For less than the cost of one flight hour in a single-engine GA aircraft,...
Melbourne aviation forecasting centre, Rod Dickson

Improving Australia’s aviation meteorological services 

The Bureau of Meteorology is transforming its operations to improve weather forecasting for the aviation industry. Following the recommendations of a review commissioned by the industry, we have created aviation specialist roles and recruited meteorologists...
Gavin Broadbent with custom gimbal for hyperspectral camera

Drone diaries – Gavin Broadbent

The total impact on Australian homes, people, flora and fauna from this Summer's bushfires will not be known for some time. However, research conducted by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to predict and...

Drones watch over beaches

If you’re at a popular beach this summer, you may see a drone flying overhead. And if you manage to spot the operator, you might be surprised to see them wearing the distinctive red-and-yellow outfit...

Vertical visibility

The bushfires burning around the country have brought thick and persistent smoke that has affected a number of airports and aviation operations. To help pilots flying in these conditions, the Bureau of Meteorology is providing...
Chief remote pilot Anthony Wallgate from Fire and Rescue NSW

Drone Flyer Diaries – Anthony Wallgate

The message from Anthony Wallgate, chief remote pilot for Fire and Rescue NSW, is strong and clear: ‘Using your drone near a fire puts lives at risk both on the ground and in the...
Looking down a runway

Runway confusion

Runway confusion occurs when pilots enter, take-off or land on the incorrect runway. This is a particular problem at aerodromes with parallel runway systems, where it is relatively easy to misidentify runways, by either...
use of an EFB for flight planning

Don’t miss the first edition of FSA for 2020

The Autumn edition of our Flight Safety Australia magazine will be packed full of great stories. This edition will have a tech and data theme, with the lead feature exploring the use of electronic flight...
An illustration depicting the 6 stages of development of a pyrocumulonimbus cloud.

Beware of bushfire clouds

As bushfires continue to ravage large areas of Australia, general aviation pilots are being warned to keep away from dangerous pyrocumulonimbus clouds. Airlines are also being cautious, cancelling some flights to towns on the NSW...

Don’t push it, don’t go

VFR pilots should make early decisions to avoid the danger of unintentionally flying into cloud. A total of 101 occurrences of VFR pilots inadvertently flying into instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) in Australian airspace were reported...

Drone Flyer Diaries — Jaimen Hudson

Jaimen Hudson is an enthusiastic pilot of drones who flies at Esperance in Western Australia—from his wheelchair. He didn’t let a motorbike accident in 2008 that left him a quadriplegic, stop him from enjoying life...
Lieutenant Colonel Keirin Joyce, Australian Army Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Sub-Program Manager

Drone Flyer Diaries – LTCOL Keirin Joyce

With an extensive career in engineering and helicopters, Lieutenant Colonel Keirin Joyce was at first unsure about being involved in a new drone program for the Australian Army. But after learning more about the program...

Drone safety is personal for Meg

Aviation seemed the furthest thing from Meg Kummerow’s rural childhood in the Central Burnett region, of central western Queensland. ‘My background is in agriculture: I grew up on a beef cattle property, I’ve been...
Image of a Cessna 210 aircraft flying

Strong and gusty winds

What are some techniques for flying near your personal threshold of strong or gusty winds? Your ability to handle strong and gusty winds is a function of your recent experience in them. The correct inputs...

Australian motor for electric project

An Australian-designed engine has powered the test flight of the world’s first electric commercial aircraft. While the history-making flight in Canada was only 15 minutes, the entrepreneurs behind the project say it signals the start...

Stay away from bushfires

Christmas is a busy time for Australian airspace, what with Santa’s sleigh requiring a complex all areas clearance, but this year’s early and intense bushfires have added to the complexity. So forgive us for stating...

Give the gift of safety this Christmas

Do you need the ideal gift for the aviator in your life, or perhaps a little treat for yourself during the silly season? Then grab a Flight Safety Australia magazine subscription—only $39.92 for four...

Join the conversation with CASA’s aviation safety advisors

Their role is a combination of diplomat, travelling salesperson, agony aunt, advocate, pastor and, very rarely, stand-up comedian. CASA’s aviation safety advisors are the organisation’s ambassadors, and, as the above videos shows, a valuable...
Screenshot the opening titles of the aerial mustering video

Your muster read for summer

Subscribers to Flight Safety Australia’s Summer 2019 print edition are already reading about how chasing animals with helicopters, aeroplanes or gyrocopters is a distinctively Australian form of aviation. The issue’s cover story focuses on aerial...

Ballina: be heard, be seen, be safe

Flying in and out of Ballina, on the NSW north coast, will be changing from Thursday 5 December 2019. Due to the increase in air traffic in the area, all aircraft flying between the surface...
747 in Sydney haze

Hazy days of summer come early

It’s a hazy day today over southeastern Australia, and likely to be the one of many such days over the coming summer. According to NAIPS, visibility at Archerfield and Bankstown is 5000m, and at...
Lores Bonney—first Australian woman to fly solo around Australia, to fly solo from Australia to England and to fly solo from Australia to South Africa.

Happy birthday Lores Bonney

Today would have been the 122nd birthday of Lores Bonney, one of the remarkable flyers of her time. She established records which have not been equalled by any other Australian female pilot. Her ambition was to...

The business of safety: how SMS can help your bottom line

For someone running a small to medium sized aviation business the letters SMS, standing for safety management system can be a forbidding acronym. The SMS for a large and complex organisation can be a...

Electric dream takes off in Singapore

The once-futuristic concept of electrically powered urban air travel came incrementally closer this week with the trial flight of a Volocopter urban air vehicle in Singapore. The flight above Marina Bay, in central Singapore, lasted...

Your sleep really matters

Did you know that as a pilot, your risk-taking increases when you get less sleep? The science behind this finding is absolutely clear—performance degrades with increased time awake, sleep deprivation and not being aligned with...

Red Bull Air Race world champion Matt Hall talks about aviation safety

Matt Hall has won the Red Bull Air Race championship in its final season! The 47-year-old former RAAF pilot – and now world champion – is also promoting the return to print of Flight...

For safety’s sake don’t push it: ATSB

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is taking on one of the most persistent killers in general aviation: VFR flight into IMC. When visual flight rules pilots encounter instrument meteorological conditions, with little or no outside...

Life-saving pilot rejected heroic label

Alfred C. Haynes, 31/8/1931–25/8/2019 Al Haynes, the pilot-in-command of the crew of four who landed a DC-10 at Sioux City Airport after its hydraulic flight controls failed, has died, aged 87. The crash of United Airlines...

US Air Force unveils robot pilot

A robot flew a Cessna 206 for two hours on 9 August as part of a US Air Force project to develop a drop-in system that would convert a manned aircraft into a drone...

Carbon monoxide signs in crash passenger’s blood

Football player Emiliano Sala had a high level of carbon monoxide in his blood before the aircraft he was travelling in crashed, the United Kingdom Air Accidents investigation Branch (AAIB) has said in a...

Dangerous goods consultation asks fine question

CASA has opened public consultation in order to update and amend our dangerous goods (DG) rules. Among the topics up for consultation is whether passengers should be fined for bringing forbidden dangerous goods onto...

Digital investigation seeks factors behind vintage crash

When a vintage Junkers Ju 52/3m crashed in the Alps in August last year, Switzerland’s accident investigation body faced a difficult task. The 79-year-old aircraft was not equipped with flight recorders of any kind. But...

Calling out for print edition close calls

Every pilot has had at least one flight that has taught them a lasting lesson about flying. That’s a close call—a hard-won lesson too valuable to keep to yourself. Flight Safety Australia wants to hear...

Hypoxia lulled pilot into fatal error

Hypoxia indirectly killed the crew of a Canadian survey aircraft, the country’s Transportation Safety Board (TSB) has found in a recent report. The crew of two died when lack of available oxygen at 15,000...

Tyre burst highlights foreign object hazard

A recently reported incident involving a medevac flight is a reminder of the hazard posed by foreign object debris (FOD) on runways and taxiways. An ATSB aviation occurrence brief reports how on the night of...

General aviation autoland system sees the runway

Automatic landings at outback airstrips are now a prospect, with the demonstration of a machine-vision based autoland system for general aviation aircraft that requires no ground infrastructure. Researchers from the technical Universities of Braunschweig and...

Fixation and a fatal splashdown

Air Niugini PX073, Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia, 28 September 2018 An unexpected squall, a pilot who had not been route and aerodrome checked through hands-on flying, and a drift away from standard operating procedures...

Flight Safety Australia: back in print

Pilots, maintainers, engineers, ATCs and cabin crew have told us how nothing matches the ‘tea room factor’ of our renowned print edition – so we’ve brought it back! Subscriptions open today. Red Bull Air Race...

Thumbs up for safety

The ‘thumbs up’ gesture has a universal meaning—that all is good to go. But is that always true? Sometimes there is ambiguity, believe it or not, for instance, on the tarmac. In some operations, ground handling...

Cessna wing spar alert

Owners, operators and pilots of Cessna 177 and 210 models need to know about a recent airworthiness bulletin for inspections of wing carry through spars. The alert covers all Cessna 177 models and Cessna...

BOM to open Brisbane Aviation Forecasting Centre

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) strives to continually improve aviation weather forecasting. That’s why next week, it will open the first of two new Aviation Forecasting Centres (AFC). This new Brisbane Centre will be responsible...

‘Smoke and flames’ from charger on airline seat

The latest case of an in-flight lithium-ion device fire highlights the dangers these near-universal portable power sources continue to pose. Virgin Atlantic flight 138 was 25 minutes into its flight from New York (JFK) to...

Windbreaks cut wake vortexes

They may look like the windbreaks British holidaymakers put up to avoid hypothermia on their frigid, stony beaches, but these tent-like structures are Vienna Airport’s way of controlling wake turbulence. Wake turbulence is the result...

Report finds human factors in Boxing Day balloon crash

A circular handle may have contributed to a fire on a hot air balloon that led to its destruction, an Australian Transport Safety Bureau investigation has found. Fortunately, the crash caused only one minor...

Ride shotgun in a Hurricane

We don’t generally publish advertisements in Flight Safety Australia but as high-octane daydream fuel this one is hard to beat. Last week specialist warbird brokers Platinum Fighter Sales put the world’s only two seat...

Moorabbin forum takes on safety questions

They say talk is cheap, in which case it’s preferable to accidents, because in aviation those are always expensive. Pilots, operators and managers at Moorabbin airport in Victoria have discovered the power of talking,...

Power flows through Maxwell electric prototype

NASA is two steps closer to take-off with its innovative and radical electric aircraft project. The electric motors and propellers for the X-57 Maxwell were powered up and spun together for the first time. And...

Fokker slammed in safety test

A large crowd saw a crowded 46-year-old Fokker F-28 being deliberately crashed in the US last week. But no-one was hurt. Instead the impact will benefit aviation safety. NASA researchers assisted the Federal Aviation Administration...

Operating at Metro Ds

The principles of operating within Class D airspace are the same at both Metropolitan Class D (Metro D) and Regional Class D aerodromes. Pilots must establish two-way communications with the tower and receive clearance...

Changes to drone safety app

CASA is changing the way we provide information about where you can legally operate your drone in Australia. CASA will retire its Can I fly there? drone safety app in the coming weeks and...
a skydiver

Engine stops, passengers jump

The incident has the makings of a grim hangar joke; an aircraft engine stops because of fuel starvation but, hey, all the passengers have parachutes, which they promptly use. But fuel management, threat and...

CASA will consider Uber Air proposal on merit

Melbourne commuters could be travelling in a pilotless flying taxi by 2023, and CASA is working with the organisation involved in this ambitious project. Yesterday technology and transport company Uber named Melbourne as the...

Beware of the rocket in the wreckage

Aircraft parachutes are a life-saving innovation in general aviation, but as spectacular video footage from a recent safety investigation shows, they are also a potential hazard for first responders to an aircraft crash. The Australian...