Williamtown airspace | Airservices Australia

Changes to Williamtown airspace

Transitioning to Class C airspace from 30 November To improve the efficiency and flexibility of the airspace for all users, Airservices Australia has redesigned the...

Changes to airspace at Ballina

Airspace around Ballina Airport will be controlled by air traffic controllers from 2025.
Central Coast Aero Club 50th anniversary dinner under the stars | A Crouch/Central Coast Aero Club

Aero club soars to success

The Central Coast Aero Club has won a prestigious award.

Newcastle airspace restrictions

Planning on flying in the Newcastle Williamtown airspace this month?   The Royal Australia Air Force is hosting an exciting weekend for aviation enthusiasts at...
Ground station at a drone light show in Brisbane

Drone flyer diary: Andrew Crowe

State-of-the-art drone safety Andrew Crowe’s career began more than 20 years ago as a drone operator in the Australian Army. After 7 years working in...
aircraft on a grass strip in front of a hill

Probability and flight planning

Forecasts that include the probability of adverse weather conditions (PROB) trigger certain rules and regulations. It’s important to understand what’s required before you fly. As...
Image Tool-control

Back in the box: the importance of tool control for safety

Technology can assist, but not replace, human thoroughness in controlling this foreign object damage hazard Aircraft maintenance is an unforgiving way to make a living.  As...

Total recall

If not for an experienced engineer’s long and detailed memory, a serious in-flight incident might have remained a mystery By Robert Wilson It’s something not meant...

The still of the night

On a very dark night, not understanding an engine's operating characteristics almost led to disaster. I am a flight instructor for a flying club located...
Illustration from a cockpit approaching a runway to land. While another plane is directly in front.

Aluminium overcast

A low-hours student keeps their cool despite a frightening incident that was not their fault. Sometimes it's interesting to look at how you handle sudden...
Plane flying with ice particles overlay

The ice bucket challenge

This crew had to battle extremely bad weather including severe icing before making a safe landing. I worked for a small regional airline that operated...
An unsealed runway surrounded by bushland. A blue sky with scattered above.

Dog legs and goat tracks

By Christopher Kelman He was heading straight for disaster with 2 passengers on board, when something clicked in. How one pilot learnt his limitations and...
Illustration of sky diver who has just jumped out of a small red aircraft

Lurching towards disaster

A jump pilot becomes acquainted with the particular hazards of this sport in a story that reflects standards at the time it took place. We needed...
Photo of small red and white aircraft flying with land and water in the background

A tumble of numbers

Subtle psychological pressures and an unintentional signal almost killed this experienced flier in the first hours of their career. Whichever way you look at it,...