Carbon monoxide: a winter hazard

winter flying can also present challenges. One is the increased risk of carbon monoxide (CO) exposure from internal cabin heating

Plan for the plume

New power station near Shellharbour airport If you’re flying in the Wollongong and Shellharbour areas, be aware that the new Tallawarra B power station...
CEO and founder of DronePilotPete Peter Jose | DronePilotPete

Drone flyer diary – Peter Jose

With a passion for aviation, photography and technology, Peter ‘Pete’ Jose transformed his love for the skies into a thriving aerial photography business. As...

 Don’t go cold

For pilots and aircrew there is no such thing as ‘just a cold’. A viral infection affecting breathing, concentration and energy levels is a...
airport signage

Navigating the airport: Understanding movement area guidance signs

To make things easier and safer for aircraft ground movements, visual aids called movement area guidance signs (MAGS) are installed at controlled (and even...

Dirty plus thirty

A 12-factor classification of maintenance hazards remains as relevant as it was in 1993. Gordon Dupont’s' dirty dozen’, identifies manageable distinct safety problems, breaking a huge vague challenge into 12 smaller ones.
Image Tool-control

Back in the box: the importance of tool control for safety

Technology can assist, but not replace, human thoroughness in controlling this foreign object damage hazard Aircraft maintenance is an unforgiving way to make a living.  As...

Bogged down in assumptions

A quick glance suggested everything would be okay – this was an expectations-driven illusion. It was a beautiful winter's day in western Queensland, warm and...

Ignore the sirens

Fixating on the paddock meant I was completely blind to the actual ALA I was looking for.

One last look

Under pressure to rush, this pilot came close to danger.

Nearly made the news

When faced with ambiguous information, this pilot swallowed pride and made the safe decision. How much fuel do we have? I always like to know...

One wrong turn

A recreational pilot's first flight after learning the basics of navigation unravels into an embarrassment that could have been a disaster.

Earth, wind and water

The elements humble a newly qualified pilot. I was a freshly minted CPL with the world at my feet, or so I thought. After arriving in...