Recognising excellence in aviation safety management

Aviation safety managers are ‘the glue of an aviation organisation’ according to aviation safety advisor Terry Horsam. They keep the organisation from coming unstuck...

Drone flyer diary: Matt Sturdy

Australia has emerged as a global hub for drone innovation, with beyond visual loss-of-sight (BVLOS) operations taking center stage. Leading this revolution is Matt...

Elevate your career with our AME scholarship program

There are 3 scholarships worth $5000 on offer for up-and-coming engineers.
crack in exhaust

Have your say in poison gas survey

CASA is launching a survey to determine the current level of knowledge within industry about the effects of carbon monoxide, and the frequency at which active detectors are used during flight.

Ace your flight review: 7 secrets to success

Flight reviews come around fast and can be a nerve-racking experience – particularly if you’re not maintaining your currency as a pilot. These 7 tips can help you ace the experience.
An illustration depicting the 6 stages of development of a pyrocumulonimbus cloud.

Beware of bushfire clouds

In September last year, the Bureau of Meteorology declared 2023/2024 to be an El Nino year, with higher-than-average temperatures and drier air, and less...

Dirty plus thirty

A 12-factor classification of maintenance hazards remains as relevant as it was in 1993. Gordon Dupont’s' dirty dozen’, identifies manageable distinct safety problems, breaking a huge vague challenge into 12 smaller ones.
Image Tool-control

Back in the box: the importance of tool control for safety

Technology can assist, but not replace, human thoroughness in controlling this foreign object damage hazard Aircraft maintenance is an unforgiving way to make a living.  As...

Planning for remote possibilities

The tiniest change of heading took this pilot out of his comfort zone. As a low-hours VFR-only recreational pilot who is super safety conscious, I...

I didn’t plan on that

Sticking to a rigid schedule when circumstances have changed is the opposite of safe flight planning. I was building hours after my PPL and was...

The still of the night

On a very dark night, not understanding an engine's operating characteristics almost led to disaster. I am a flight instructor for a flying club located...
Illustration from a cockpit approaching a runway to land. While another plane is directly in front.

Aluminium overcast

A low-hours student keeps their cool despite a frightening incident that was not their fault. Sometimes it's interesting to look at how you handle sudden...
Plane flying with ice particles overlay

The ice bucket challenge

This crew had to battle extremely bad weather including severe icing before making a safe landing. I worked for a small regional airline that operated...
An unsealed runway surrounded by bushland. A blue sky with scattered above.

Dog legs and goat tracks

By Christopher Kelman He was heading straight for disaster with 2 passengers on board, when something clicked in. How one pilot learnt his limitations and...