Racing drones taking off from the starting blocks at a Canberra Multirotor Racing Club race day.

Drone Flyer Diaries – Henry Corbell 

It was a YouTube video captured in a French forest that first caught the eye of Henry Corbell, a young tech enthusiast from Canberra. The...
Jade King, drone operator and finger lime farmer.

Drone Flyer Diaries – Jade King 

If you found yourself watching MasterChef last year (both the adults and kids’ versions), you may have noticed Australian native foods were at the forefront of some amazing...
Route of seaplanevideo

Seaplane report prompts exhaust gas warning

Carbon monoxide poisoned the pilot of the tourist seaplane that crashed in Jerusalem Bay, north of Sydney, on New Year’s Eve 2017, the Australian...
female aero engineer

Engineers scholarship now open

Do you know of any aspiring licensed aircraft maintenance engineers (LAMEs) currently working on their CASA Part 66 aircraft maintenance engineers (AME) licence?  We’re offering a fantastic opportunity – three scholarships...
drone registration

Drone registration and operator accreditation – it’s the law

If you fly a drone or remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) for business or as part of your job, it must be registered and its...

Forked runway, split attention

A Virgin Australia ATR 72 crew’s attempt to take off from the wrong runway at Canberra Airport exposed several procedural and human factors issues,...

Phoney maintenance

by Roger Alder ‘Never, in the history of aviation maintenance, have so many been distracted by so little.’ With apologies to Sir Winston Churchill, who was...

The hour cometh

A recent airworthiness directive from the US Federal Aviation Administration highlights the difficult issues surrounding the ageing general aviation aircraft fleet. Some things just seem...

Hot and confused

A tangle of misinformation about engine bay flammable fluid flexible hoses needs clearing up Dangerous ideas are not always outrageous. Sometimes they arise out of...

Defect Reports

Fright VFR

Image of storm clouds

Clouded thinking

Expect the unexpected

Down and dirty

road obscured by low clouds

Not my time to die