Celebrated pilot killed in warbird crash

The US Navy pilot whose skill and flamboyance were the inspiration for the film Top Gun has been killed in the crash of a...

Changes at Ballina

New Surveillance Flight Information Service (SFIS) begins on 12 August SFIS will use existing CTAF frequency 124.2 MHz Operates from 8am until 6pm...
Pilot career guide

Pilot career guide out now

Fast forward to the near future (post COVID-19) when the aviation industry is back in full flight: it’s estimated nearly 265,000 pilots will be...

The lessons of a nervous afternoon

A recent report from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is a reminder that diligent weather planning is important for every flight in a...

Nominations open for CASA Wings Awards

We’re continuing our support of Australian Flying’s CASA Wings Awards through our sponsorship program.  The program aims to improve and raise awareness of the importance of aviation safety for the benefit of...

Drone Flyer Diary – Adam Smith

Drone photographer Adam Smith’s Instagram feed is an influencer’s dream: curated scenes of stunning sunsets, swarming sharks and wonderous whales. Adam travels extensively along the...

Total recall

If not for an experienced engineer’s long and detailed memory, a serious in-flight incident might have remained a mystery By Robert Wilson It’s something not meant...

Phoney maintenance

by Roger Alder ‘Never, in the history of aviation maintenance, have so many been distracted by so little.’ With apologies to Sir Winston Churchill, who was...

The hour cometh

A recent airworthiness directive from the US Federal Aviation Administration highlights the difficult issues surrounding the ageing general aviation aircraft fleet. Some things just seem...
Cessna 172

It’s a health hazard

Cessna 172 taking off at Bathurst Airport. | © Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Good as new?

Maiden flight

Positive climb

Fright VFR