Change of mind led to deadly flight

VFR pilots have again been urged not to ‘push on’ in poor meteorological conditions after a fatal helicopter accident in the NSW Snowy Mountains...
John Coulombe working with the ADF on emergency and disaster training.

Drone flyer diary – John Coulombe

John Coulombe is a California-born environmental scientist with broad experience in many industries, including being a professional firefighter in the United States and a bike mechanic in Switzerland.

Call for global focus on mental health

COVID-19 and an unsettled world have left many of us experiencing some form of mental distress in our recent lives. Despite a good awareness of the issues and a willingness to help our friends and colleagues, however, we find it hard to acknowledge our own issues and seek help. It’s Australian stoicism at its best.
Photo by Ian Leithhead. Parked Trans Australia Airlines Douglas DC-3 and Boeing P-8 Poseidon in flight overhead.

Sky’s the limit photo competition winners

Thank you to all the photographers who entered our Sky's the limit photo competition. We've had a fantastic response in the number of amazing photos submitted. Making the final selection wasn't easy. The winners will appear in the Flight Safety Australia 2023 calendar.
Helicopter flying with sunset in the background

Helicopter ops

1. Static rollover is when: one part of the undercarriage is stuck on the ground during lift-off the helicopter tips up on one undercarriage...
image: Kevin Humphreys

Smashing the mental illness stereotype

Military veteran and pilot Kevin Humphreys emerged from the shadow of mental illness by accepting his condition and dealing with it. Now he’s helping...
Image Tool-control

Back in the box: the importance of tool control for safety

Technology can assist, but not replace, human thoroughness in controlling this foreign object damage hazard Aircraft maintenance is an unforgiving way to make a living.  As...

Total recall

If not for an experienced engineer’s long and detailed memory, a serious in-flight incident might have remained a mystery By Robert Wilson It’s something not meant...
Abstract image of aircraft flying in the sky and a seatbelt

Belting along

In this unexpected and scary incident, the pilot reaches for something familiar to use in an unusual way. I was returning from Condobolin to Moorabbin in a Cessna 182RG with 2 passengers. The weather forecast had been satisfactory and I had filed and flown a VFR plan without any difficulties.
abstract image of a small aircraft with a translucent pattern of water overlaying it.

Water, water everywhere

Recent la Niña rainfall has amplified a longstanding aviation hazard, as Steve Blackie discovered We have all been told from our very first flight, how...
small aircraft flying in blue sky

When EFATO calls

Recreational pilot Luke Bayly discovers the reasons for the seemingly endless drills of his initial training We all believe that when the time comes, we...
Aircraft flying is cloudy sky

No getting over it

An encounter with lenticular cloud literally shook this pilot out of complacency We were on our way back from Natfly, the annual fly-in for recreational...
Small aircraft taking off.

Trim set mindset

Pressure drove this pilot towards an error, discipline allowed for a recovery By Lawrence Moloney Recently I set out to conduct a local flight in my...
Aircraft flying over land in the sky

Fear for lunch

A newly minted rating, a blandly confident low-hours pilot, time pressure and a desire to impress. What could possibly go wrong? By a Flight Safety...