Parafield Airport

Staying safe in Class D airspace

To stay safe in Class D, it’s just as important to ‘fly according to the rules’ as it is in Class C at a...
Engineer working on a Cirrus SR22 aircraft.

Where are they now?

Career updates from the AME scholarship class of 2021 A lot has changed since 2021. We’ve battled bushfires, floods and a global pandemic, seen a...
Engineers discussing maintenance | CASA

Tackling a toolbox talk with maintenance engineers – carbon monoxide

Maintenance personnel play an important role in ensuring the structural integrity of aircraft. This toolbox talk dives into the topic of carbon monoxide and...
image: Melanie Olsen holding a Chasing M2 Pro drone, December 2022 | Australian Institute of Marine Science, Marie Roman

Drone flyer diary – Melanie Olsen

When Melanie Olsen was just a kid growing up on a farm, she couldn’t have dreamt she’d go on to work with drones in...
A Robinson R22 helicopter

In-flight break-up of Robinson R22

A Robinson helicopter broke apart inflight in Western Australia, according to a report by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. The bureau says the accident highlights...

Near collision at Mildura

Two aircraft taking off from intersecting runways at the same time from Mildura Airport in Victoria almost collided, an ATSB report says. During the 6...

Dirty plus thirty

A 12-factor classification of maintenance hazards remains as relevant as it was in 1993. Gordon Dupont’s' dirty dozen’, identifies manageable distinct safety problems, breaking a huge vague challenge into 12 smaller ones.
Image Tool-control

Back in the box: the importance of tool control for safety

Technology can assist, but not replace, human thoroughness in controlling this foreign object damage hazard Aircraft maintenance is an unforgiving way to make a living.  As...

Ignore the sirens

Fixating on the paddock meant I was completely blind to the actual ALA I was looking for.

One last look

Under pressure to rush, this pilot came close to danger.

Nearly made the news

When faced with ambiguous information, this pilot swallowed pride and made the safe decision. How much fuel do we have? I always like to know...

One wrong turn

A recreational pilot's first flight after learning the basics of navigation unravels into an embarrassment that could have been a disaster.

Earth, wind and water

The elements humble a newly qualified pilot. I was a freshly minted CPL with the world at my feet, or so I thought. After arriving in...

Planning for remote possibilities

The tiniest change of heading took this pilot out of his comfort zone. As a low-hours VFR-only recreational pilot who is super safety conscious, I...