Drone operator tasered

Image: iStock | © Onfokus

A man was tasered by a park ranger for resisting arrest after flying his drone over a national park in Hawaii.

A federal judge last week upheld the ranger’s use of the taser, finding the man guilty of violating a lawful order by trying to run away. The judge also fined the individual $1,000 US dollars and imposed a one-year ban from entering Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

The shocking incident, which took place in April last year, serves as a reminder to all drone owners to seek permission before flying over private land or national parks.

In Australia, the safety rules for flying drones recreationally are consistent across the country.

However, the rules for flying in and around national parks and restrictions on proximity to wildlife may vary around Australia depending on location.

Researching the appropriate local rules before flying and seeking permission if required are steps drone flyers should take to avoid large fines and even possible jail time.

It may also help reduce the risk of getting tasered by law enforcement.

More safety information can be found via the CASA website.


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