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Multiple versions of Flight Safety Australia

Flight Safety Australia is the Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s (CASA’s) flagship aviation safety magazine. It offers credible, informative and comprehensive content on all key aviation safety issues. Since 2012, Flight Safety Australia has been delivered electronically via the magazine app for tablets and the flightsafetyaustralia.com website.

We are now looking at refreshing the content, style and frequency of this publication and would appreciate 5–10 minutes of your time to complete this survey.

The first 50 readers to respond will receive a Flight Safety Australia tablet cover. The survey is open until midnight 6 August.


  1. Seems whatever software or app I use I often do not get the a clear display. Why not simply allow a complete PDF doc file to be downloaded rather crawl around an app on the IPAD

  2. Hello CASA, the flight safety magazine is a good communication. I am not on social media. Please deliver on email or Web pages. Also, how many people visit any of the platforms of the delivery? The quality content deserves widespread distribution. I always go for the quiz… Regards… Rob Quinn…101799

  3. Hi CASA,
    I also am not on Social media. I still have not worked out how to view it without using passwords etc.
    Please deliver as email,web page or as a PDF as does Aviation News in NZ for their monthly newspaper.
    Your content is very good but access is too complicated.

  4. Pls have available as pdf docs from the website. Don’t use social media, but download pdf files for reading when internet connections not available.

  5. Agree with all the above. Content is great but please make PDF available for download like AeroSafety World or US Navy Approach magazine.

  6. Defibrillators on planes private jets light aircraft,s
    Should be mandatory after a incident on American Airlines many years ago a 57 year old pilot had a heart while flying and planes and helicopters should have portable defibrillators on them I will save a lot of lives and planes jets should have a oximeter in a aviation first aid kit must keep up to date with aviation first aid and pilots should be trained in first aid and CPR they should a have device for passengers with special needs called a transfer walki Belt to help them walk if they cannot walk on them own me as a woman on the autism spectrum
    I’m enthusiastic with aviation safety one I want to be in aviation first aid rescue safety officer saving lives of crew members and passengers should the number one priority

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