Baggage handlers have an eye on the future


Baggage handlers at Changi airport are to use augmented reality (AR) glasses for faster, safer and more reliable loading of aircraft.

About 600 ramp staff will get the smart glasses, which provide information such as loading instructions in real-time, the airport’s largest ramp services provider, SATS, announced last week.

The headset has a monocular display and onboard processor with video recording features and wireless connectivity capabilities.

Operators using the wearable technology will be able to scan coded markers on baggage and cargo containers that provide details such as weight, unit number, loading sequence and allocated position in the aircraft. Video streaming provides a control centre with a real-time view of on-ground processes.

The project was developed in partnership with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, which co-funded the development cost.

SATS will introduce the technology in phases with full implementation expected by mid 2018.