Lend us your expertise

CASA is seeking experts from all sectors of aviation to take part in Technical Working Groups

If you have expert aviation knowledge and would be willing to sit on Technical Working Groups for the Aviation Safety Advisory Panel (ASAP) CASA wants to hear from you.

CASA has established a register of aviation industry experts who are able to participate in Technical Working Groups (TWGs) to support the work of the ASAP.

TWGs will provide industry members and relevant technical experts with a forum to provide input on specific technical issues and proposals being considered by the ASAP. Each TWG will be formed as required and disbanded at the completion of the assigned tasks. Specific details about TWGs can be found in the ASAP Terms of Reference.

To build a register of suitably qualified potential TWG members, we have launched an expression of interest process using the CASA Consultation Hub, where interested people will be able to register their details using a survey-style questionnaire. CASA is looking for diverse skills, experience and qualifications from interested applicants.

With several significant developments on CASA’s immediate horizon, including the planned reform of the flying operations regulations and a post-implementation review of aircraft maintenance engineer licensing, establishing a register of suitable and available experts is a priority.

Questions about the expression-of-interest process and the TWG register can be directed to asap@casa.gov.au.